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How to lay Bluestone Crazy Paving

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How to Lay Bluestone Crazy Paving?


Bluestone crazy pavers are the dark-shades bluestones in their most natural form. It includes the pavers available in irregular sizes and shapes. Due to the different depth and pattern of each bluestone slab, these pavers are quite difficult to install. You may have to arrange the slabs on the ground first to get the right layout. If you are looking for a guide on laying bluestone crazy pavers, you have come to the right place. Before we discuss the steps for installing crazy pavers, let’s see the applications of bluestone crazy pavers.


Natural bluestone crazy paving crazy pavers dar tiles outdoor pavers outdoor tiles


The durable and versatile attributes of bluestone make it a perfect choice for commercial and residential paving projects. In fact, bluestone happens to be the most sought-after option for the patios, walkways, pool pavingpool coping and other entertainment areas. Bluestone crazy paving tiles look stylish in your interior and exterior space. Now that you are looking for the bluestone crazy pavers, you will get a bunch of tiles with varying densities and shapes. Usually, the irregular bluestone slabs are available in round and square shapes. You may also need to use the stone cutting blades and other tools to cut the edges of the tiles.


  1. Mark the Total Area You Want for your Pave

You could mark the area with spray paint or use a garden hose and sand to draw a line. Start with removing all the furniture, plants, and other objects placed on the patio or driveway pavers. You must also clean the area before getting started with the base. It is important to remove all the obstacles from the path.


  1. Gather the Equipment

As mentioned before, installing bluestone crazy pavers is not a piece of cake. You are supposed to dig the ground, lay the base, and install the tiles in your desired pattern. What makes it even more challenging is the random sizes and shapes of the bluestone pavers. It is a good idea to gather the tools in advance. You are going to need a trowel, tape measure, sub-base, string lines, wheelbarrow, cold chisel, cement, and more. You could purchase the ready-made mortar from the hardware store or prepare it on your own by mixing one part of the cement with 4 parts of sand.


  1. Dig the Ground and Lay the Base

Pavers can’t be laid on the topsoil. You must dig the ground up to at least 225 mm to lay a solid base. If you live in an area that receives below-freezing temperature, then you may have to dig deeper. The perfect depth of the base depends on the thickness of the pavers, the climate in your area, and the base material you are planning to use.

Usually, homeowners lay a thick bed of gravel for the base. You can keep the height of the base up to 6 inches if you are laying the bluestone crazy pavers on the driveway and other areas that receive frequent foot traffic. If you are laying the pavers on the patios and pool decks, then 4-inches of gravel-bed will suffice.

After laying the gravel, compress the base with a compactor plate. You may also need to wet the base before compressing it. The base must be compacted thoroughly before you move on to the sand bedding. If it is a small area, then a hedge hammer can be used for levelling the base. For larger areas, such as your driveway, consider using a vibrating plate.


  1. Lay the Stone Pieces Dry on the Ground

It is best to lay the stones dry on the ground before gluing them. That’s because the irregular density and sizes of the pavers can make arrangement and installation a little difficult. This will give you an idea of how the stones can fit together. Use the larger pieces of the bluestone crazy pavers first. You could place them along the edges and lay the small slabs in the middle. Once you have got the arrangement, you can start placing the pavers one at a time. You must also use edge restraints that will hold the slabs in place.


  1. Cut the Pavers

The irregular size of the bluestone crazy pavers might not fit into the sand bedding. You may have to cut the stones with a cutting blade to get the right shape. Make sure you wear gloves and other protective wear before cutting the tiles. It is best to hire a professional as it is a little complex. You don’t necessarily have to cut the slabs. It is only needed if the pavers are too thick and large to fit the space.


  1. Fill the Gaps

Wide joints between the crazy pavers are common due to the irregular size of the slabs. You can fill the joints with mortar or sand. Sweep the sand into the gaps or use mortar. Run a compactor plate on the surface after filling the joints. You must also wash the area to remove the residue of the mortar and sand.

There you go! Your bluestone crazy paving is ready! Seal the area to protect it from stains and damages.


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