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What are catspaws in Bluestone?

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What are Cat’s Paws in Bluestone Pavers?


Cat’s Paw is a series of small pits or tiny holes which are naturally formed during the formation of bluestone. It is created from the pressure of heat and gas from the volcanic eruption. And when the stone cools down the trapped gas particles slowly moves out by leaving the holes behind, know as bluestone cat’s paw.


Cats paw in bluestone pavers and tiles


Why the holes in Bluestone Pavers Called as Cat’s Paws?


The group of holes that are created during the bluestone volcanic eruption typically forms the shape of cat’s paw. That is why these tiny random pits or holes on bluestone pavers are known as Bluestone Cat’s Paws?


bluestone pavers grouting


Why it is important to seal the bluestone pavers?


It is important to seal the bluestone pavers to avoid any unwanted absorption of moisture on the surface. Sealing protects your pavers from contamination, deterioration and chemical attacks. You can choose to seal your pavers in 3-4 years times. The sealing requirement depends on where the pavers are layed and how you maintain it. Normally, we seal the pavers soon after the installation and it is often the final process of the paving task. You can run a simple sealing test to check if your pavers required to be seal. Spill some water on your pavers and wait for a few minutes. If the pavers absorb the water it requires sealing. If not, you can retest it later on.


Benefits of Sealing Pavers

  • Ensure the long lasting beauty and the value
  • Help repel stains, grease, oil and grime
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Deters insects and ants
  • Reduces moss growth
  • Reduce stains, surface deterioration and overtime cracks
  • Protects surface from salt damages
  • Protect the pavers from wearing off
  • Enhances the colour, brightness and texture



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