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Bluestone Pavers Melbourne CBD area supplied by Slate Discounts PL

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Bluestone Pavers Melbourne CBD Area Supplied by Slate Discounts PL


Bluestone is one of the most common natural pavers in Melbourne. The material is used for paving kilometers of roads and pathways in the city. These pavers are extensively found in commercial and residential buildings. Many homeowners in Australia renovate their home with bluestone pavers. Its application is not confined to homes and buildings. In fact, these pavers are found in the landmark buildings such as The National Gallery of Victoria.


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The history of this natural stone dates back to 8000 years ago when contractors used it for the construction of the eel traps. Also known as Basalt, this natural material is famous in Melbourne CBD and other Australian cities. Now, the purpose of choosing bluestone for driveway or patio paving is to conserve the environment. Bluestone isn’t only an aesthetically appealing natural stone, but it is also known for being a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Besides, it helps homeowners retain the vintage look.


Bluestone Pavers Used in the Melbourne CBD


In 1956, the management used asphalt to renovate Melbourne CBD for the Olympics. However, asphalt did not live up to the council’s expectations. It did not even last 10 years. By the end of 1970, the asphalt started to crack. In fact, the pavers got extremely damaged. That’s when the management decided to use Bluestone pavers to enhance the curb appeal of the Melbourne CBD. Even today, the bluestone tiles look stunning in the city. The bluestone pavers that were installed back in the 1850s are still found intact in this area.



Considering the resilience and hard-wearing properties of the bluestone pavers, Melbourne is planning to replace the asphalt streets with bluestone tiles. The management has announced to install swan bluestone pavers. Basically, the bluestone pavers need to be sealed after the installation so that the moisture and liquid do not get absorbed by the base of these pavers.


Why Lay Bluestone Tiles?


The sealant makes the bluestone pavers water-resistant, which means the pressure washer and garden hose can be used to clean the surface without having to worry about the water passing through the foundation. The water-resistant and anti-slip properties of this natural stone are the reasons why Melbourne is planning to install bluestone pavers in the city.



Even homeowners can use bluestone tiles to renovate their homes. Permeable bluestone pavers are highly recommended for those who want to give a quick makeover to their outdated and old-school home. All you got to do is create a base with crushed rock and lay a thick layer of sand above the compacted gravel. Once you have prepared the base, you can start to lay bluestone pavers on the top.


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