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Glen Iris Bluestone Pool Coping and White Granite Pavers

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Glen Iris Bluestone Pool Coping and White Granite Pavers

The best pool pavers are the ones that can withstand salt, chlorine, and water. Not only does it offer you protection from accidents around the pool area, but high-quality swimming pool pavers can enhance your exteriors.

Another special quality of the best pool pavers is their anti-slip texture. Quality pavers do not get slippery when exposed to water. They do not get hot in the summer. Besides that, they are capable of resisting extreme temperatures.


Bluestone and white quartz pool pavers

Beautiful Swimming Pool in Glen Iris, a suburb of Melbourne.

Simply stunning with Natural bluestone drop face pool coping set against white granite pool pavers. 


Choose Bluestone Pool Pavers


Bluestone is one of the best options for pool paving. Known especially for its dark and cool tones, this natural stone is the primary choice of the Australian contractors and homeowners. The best quality of this natural paver is its ability to adapt to just about any landscape seamlessly. The grey and blue tones of bluestone pavers complement your garden and water in the swimming pool. It is a perfect option for those who want the material that complements their exteriors and matches the décor theme.


European bluestone bullnose pool coping pavers and tiles black tiles paving

“Bluestone Bullnose Pool Coping” 


Bluestone pavers can also be laid in the crazy paving pattern around your swimming pool. You can install them in a free-flow or random pattern to make the best of these tiles. This form of paving is especially recommended for retro-inspired homes.  Now, the poolside receives frequent foot traffic. It also has to endure extreme weather. You need to pay special attention to the quality of pavers when it comes to pool coping.

After all, it isn’t only about your home’s curb appeal and aesthetics. You are supposed to install the pavers that can resist the regular foot traffic, heavy furniture pieces, and not to mention, chlorine and other chemicals. Bluestone seems to be the only natural pool coping paver that can live up to your expectations. From security to aesthetics, bluestone pavers provide you with a smooth and best experience.


White Granite Pavers for Exterior Paving


Another best material for exterior paving is granite. The white granite pavers look stunning in traditional and modern settings. The light colour and subtle sparkle on the surface of the granite slabs add a unique charm to your exteriors. Granite might not make the best fit for pool coping because of its slippery nature, but it is definitely an ultimate choice for all kinds of exterior paving projects.


White Limestone Pool Tiles and Pavers

“Dove White Granite Pavers” 


Whether you need to pave the driveway or patio, the white granite pavers can be your ideal option. Granite pavers add a natural touch to your exteriors. They look elegant in contemporary and retro-style homes. The natural granite stones that aren’t treated with chemicals can also be used for pool coping as long as they have the anti-slip surface.




Beautiful Natural Stone Pavers are perfect for installing around the swimming pool area, outdoor pavers, garden sitting areas, patio pavers, driveway pavers and more.

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