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Crazy Paving Outdoor Tiles & Pavers

HUGE SALE on Crazy Paving, Crazy Pavers, Bluestone Crazy Paving, Sandstone Crazy Paving, Flagstone Pavers and Large Crazy Paving for Indoor Tiling and Outdoor paving decoration – all at Outdoor Tiles across Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. Request an Express Posted FREE SAMPLE. Deliver door-to-door across Australia. Call on 03 9706 9767 for bookings. Prices starts from $35 .

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 Get inspired by crazy pave with our Wide Range of Crazy Pave Driveway

What is Crazy Paving? Find out below to see the types of crazy paving we offer here at Outdoor Tiles 

Sandstone Crazy Paving

Light golden hues leading into more rustic burnt sienna shades. Great for using as driveway pavers or pool pavers, whilst also looking great as stone cladding on a feature wall. Price varies from $33m² up to $49m² including GST.

Bluestone  Crazy Paving

Traditionally in Melbourne bluestone pavers has been composed of off cut material from the production of the pavers ( when the bluestone boulders are sliced then cut into pavers). This bluestone pavers off cut material will of course have a high percentage of straight edges, BUT when installed by an expert stonemason it can look extremely good. For the past 5 years we have been able to offer the bluestone boulder slices as crazy pavers for our discerning clients. The look of this can be described in one word “WOW.” Bluestone crazy paving off cut material is quiet reasonably priced from $33m² (20mm thick) $36m²(30mm thick) $40m²(40mm thick). Whilst Bluestone pavers in boulder slices is priced from $59m² (20mm) thru to $69m² (30mm) including GST. Pieces vary in size from 400mm diameter up to 900mm in diameter.

Limestone  Crazy Paving

Colour tones vary from Black thru to Yellow. Limestone is well suited to usage as driveway pavers, pool pavers, and stone wall cladding. It is priced from $36m² thru to $59m² including GST.

Slate Crazy Paving

Because our range is so extensive, we have slate pavers in yellow hues, grey hues with slight golden tones, gunmetal bluey greys with burnt sienna rustic infusions to traditional grey/black. Great for use as driveway pavers, pathway pavers and outdoor pavers. Price varies from $33m² thru to $56m² including GST.

Quartzite Large Crazy Paving

Colour tones vary from Black thru to Yellows and Ochres.  Quartzite is EXTREMELY hard and dense, it is well suited to usage as driveway pavers, pool pavers, and stone wall cladding. It is priced from $39m² thru to $69m² including GST.

Where to lay Crazy Paving Outdoor Tiles?

Crazy  Paving are naturally tough and highly non-slippery in nature that’s why they are mainly layed in outdoor areas such as around pool, patio, driveways, pool coping and similar paving areas. Outdoor tiles stock different finishes of crazy paving– bluestone, sandstone granite, limestone and quartz. We supply crazy pavers across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Pakenham and more.

What is Crazy Paving?

Crazy Paving is a type of natural stone that forms from volcanos around the world. According to Wikipedia, crazy paving are stones made of natural rocks and is a means of hard surfacing used outdoors. You will see them mostly in gardens, driveways as well as wall claddings.  Paving stones of irregular size and shape are laid in a haphazard manner sometimes with mortar filling the gaps between. Read our blog on what is Crazy Paving for more information.

What is the difference between Crazy Paving and Crazy Pavers?

The main difference between crazy paving and crazy pavers terminology is essentially the same crazy pavers and crazy paving are both suitable to indoor and outdoor application.

Where to use crazy paving?

Random crazy pavers Melbourne are perfect for outdoor application such as pool paving, garden sitting area, patio paving, stepping stones, driveway pavers and other outdoor pavings. You can also use crazy paving for indoor flooring and wall cladding.

Got more questions? Great! Learn more About Crazy Paving here – Frequently Asked Questions About Crazy Paving & Pavers


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