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Crazy Paving Driveways

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Crazy Paving Driveways

As much as crazy paving has achieved popularity, the use of natural stones has become indispensable to gain the required charming appearance. Right from professionals to homemakers, who often indulge in creativity; realize the importance of crazy pavers as compared to plain-looking pavers. Hence it is inevitable to shut ears and not to get curious at the mention of crazy paving. Let us explore more about the unique natural stone.

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Know Crazy Paving!

The particular technique became popular in the UK and US before gaining popularity across many other countries. Since crazy paving is generally used in paths or driveways, it requires a professional to position irregular shaped stones in such a way that heavy loads vehicles can move easily. The mortar used in the gap between the stones provides further strength to the paving.

Why Crazy Paving in Driveways?

For once, it is pretty unique and amusing to find no two driveways look alike since it is recommended to use stones as pavers, crazy paving withstand a longer time, and pleases aesthetically as well.

It is important to note that a professional would always be required to execute such a task given the complexities. If not installed properly, paving tends to weaken over time.

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Top stones used for Crazy Paving Driveways


The rough texture of bluestone crazy paving makes it ideal for driveways and a favourite choice of many. To achieve crazy paving, the natural blue-grey color of bluestone could be utilized for a fun appearance.

If there is going to be a curve in your driveway, pick a granite crazy paving. Given the small size, they are easy fitting and blend perfectly. The texture of cobblestones is such to provide the required amount of surface tension and hence suitable for driveways with heavy traffic.


The availability of sandstone crazy paving in different natural-looking colours and shapes comes handy when forming a crazy paving driveway. Hence it is also easier to create sight worthy patterns with the help of sandstones.


Limestone crazy paving are pretty rare and unique, given the permeable & porous nature of these stones. They can absorb rainwater effortlessly while also draining the extra water from the side of a driveway.


Crazy paving has thus acquired the status of adding that extra fun element to your driveway while solving the problem of drainage water. More and more professionals satisfy their creative urge to bring out more than just a driveway. Since there are a variety of stones available, it is effortless to play around with the appearance. We highly recommend taking advantage of textures (for both the look & the durability) that a stone is available in. In the end, it is no harm having a charming driveway to get one’s wheels on, isn’t it?

Crazy Pavers is one of the sturdy and durable materials that have the potential to last for years without showing signs of wear and tear. [Read more about What is Crazy Paving? ]

That is why it is one of the most popular natural outdoor tile choices of Australian Homeowners. [ Read Crazy Paving Frequently Asked Question to learn more. ] Get FREE Quotes + FREE SAMPLES by Outdoor Tiles Melbourne Outdoor Pavers are the LARGEST Natural stone providers across Australia.

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