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Crazy Paving Patio Pavers

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Crazy Paving Patio Pavers

Crazy Paving can be layed nearly anywhere you can think of and Crazy paving patio pavers has been in the wish-list of many people, for both domestic and commercial purposes. Be it the concrete road leading you from the main gate to the home or the back terrace; you can add a magical spark to your construction with these ‘crazy appearance’ pavers. These crazy pave patio pavers give you a chance to ditch the highly fashionable and delicate paving style but still stand out in the crowd. This style of paving mainly focuses on the different shapes and layers of stone that are being played with.


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Paving Patio Designs

There are many designs of this crazy Paving Patio Pavers. These crazy pave are mostly preferred for easy installation and cost-effectiveness. Intricate designs like bluestone crazy paving and sandstone crazy paving give a sense of beauty to your magical property.

Apart from the exterior looks, you also need to take a close look at the pavers’ purpose. If they are to be used for heavy grills or furniture, make sure that the stones lay for paving are strong and thick enough to sustain the weight.

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Benefits of Patio Pavers

There are many benefits of these modern systems of paving. Some of them are well vibrating among the others.

  • Cost-effective as the stones do not wear out easily.
  • Requires minimal care once installed properly.
  • You do not have to worry about painting and all.
  • Fine gaps are left between two stones so that rainwater seeps down into the ground, so no more stagnant water.

Tips to add a tint of magic to your Crazy Paving Patio Pavers

There are many ways by which you can add magic to your paved path. We have listed a few brains cracking ideas to brighten up the entire setting. Be ready to glide through the tunnel of some wonderful ideas to wrap up your paved pathway.

  • Select some ethnic outdoor furniture like a wooden tea table with a couple of easy chairs. You can also put up a white umbrella to develop an aesthetic sense.
  • Add garden plants in different shaped pots to get a vibe of green all through the day.
  • Install some dim and bright lights to light up the area according to the purpose.
  • Colourful flowers along the side of the paved pathway will certainly go well with this patio pavement.


Crazy Paving Patio Pavers are best for you to install outdoors. Despite the bright sun rays and heavy rainfall, these will remain intact at the end of the day. If you consider saving your money while upgrading your building’s looks, there can be no better option than this crazy style of pavement. With the wonderfully crafted mazes of stone, each patio paver is unique.

Crazy Pavers is one of the sturdy and durable materials that have the potential to last for years without showing signs of wear and tear. [Read more about What is Crazy Paving? ]

That is why it is one of the most popular natural outdoor tile choices of Australian Homeowners. [ Read Crazy Paving Frequently Asked Question to learn more. ] Get FREE Quotes + FREE SAMPLES by Outdoor Tiles Melbourne Outdoor Tiles are the LARGEST Natural stone providers across Australia.

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