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Patio Pavers

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Patio Pavers

Natural stones can be used as pavers for your patio. If you plan on renovating your exterior space, then there could not be a better way to start your renovation project than by paving the patio. You could also install patio pavers as stepping-stones for your backyard. Selecting the suitable and functional pavers that improve the aesthetic of your patio is quite overwhelming for homeowners. When it comes to choosing the best pavers, pay close attention to your patio and the exterior décor theme.

Pavers are available in a wide array of palettes, shapes, sizes, and finishes. Each material will add a unique texture to your space. If you would like to add the old-world charm to your patio, then natural stones are your best option. Not only are they durable, but natural stones give an earthy and natural feel to your space. Whether you have modern-style exteriors or a retro-inspired patio, you can never go wrong with the natural stones.


Best Stones for Patio

Brick and concrete are porous materials. They cannot endure changing weather and extreme temperatures. Unless you live in an area that receives a moderate climate throughout the year, artificial tiles are never the right option for exterior paving applications.

Your patio will be exposed to weather and water (if you have a swimming pool) throughout the year. You should choose high density, low porosity, and water tolerable natural outdoor pavers.

Hot temperatures and rainy weather are the common reasons for pavers’ premature wear and tear. Never choose a delicate material for patio and deck paving. Even if the bricks or concrete do not break down, you will notice stains and discoloured surface.

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Why Choose Natural Stones?

Natural stones offer an infinite variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and finishes. Basically, the options are countless and unique. It all comes down to your requirements. If you would like to get creative with patio paving, then try crazy pavers. Though they resemble the traditional paving pattern, crazy pavers make a perfect option for all spaces.

It can help you add drama to your patio. This paving pattern involves the installation of the stone slabs in a random and free-flow manner. You get to pick stones of different colours and sizes. You can arrange these stones in any random pattern. Crazy paving creates a free-spirited look. It involves round shaped and rectangular tiles with different finishes. However, the installation is quite difficult.

Other natural stones that are considered an ideal option for patio are bluestone, limestone, sandstone, cobblestone, travertine, granite, and slate tiles. If you are having a hard time selecting the best material for paving, hire experienced contractors, and let them choose the most functional and reliable natural stone for your space.


Natural stone products are extremely reliable for outdoor paving projects and when it comes to patio paving, you have heaps of options available such as Bluestone paversTravertine tilesSandstone PaversGranite PaversCrazy Paving and Cobblestones and more.

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