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European Bluestone® Diamond Sawn



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100% Natural Bluestone Only 30% – 40% Catspaw Kid safe non slip surface PREMIUM Bluestone Weather resistant Great indoors & outdoors Matching Pool Coping Easy to lay Heat Resistant FREE Samples Commercial & Domestic Salt Water Resistant Project Special Sizes Superior to Chinese Bluestone Similar Look and Properties to Australian Bluestone


Bluestone Pavers

  • 100% Natural European Bluestone
  • Superior to Chinese Bluestone
  • Value for Money
  • High non slip rating
  • Commercial & Domestic use
  • Great indoors & outdoors
  • Matching Pool Coping

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Pool Paving Bluestone Pavers


European Bluestone Pavers

European Bluestone® is internationally recognised to be of a higher caliber of stone. It is similar in colour and texture to Australian Bluestone with a sawn surface finish achieving a higher non slip level. This is a mid coloured bluestone and looks great when grouted with a light grey/neutral coloured grout BUT for those of you seeking a darker shade ie charcoal grey we recommend grouting with our charcoal grey stone grout. You can see the effect of the 2 different grouts in one of the pictures above.

We recommend the following:

12mm Thick: Pavers should be laid onto a concrete slab or over waterproofed suitablably thick cement sheet. Great for balconies and decks, especially where its important to keep the overall weight down.

20mm Thick: Pavers can be laid as above or onto a compacted road base into a wet slurry of sand and cement.

30mm Thick: Pavers can be laid as both above or onto a compacted road base into a dry sand bed, great for tiling over easements or where you require water permeation to occur for drainage.

Premium Grade European Bluestone® tiles and pavers can be sealed for peace of mind, to ensure bluestone stays in pristine condition. It’s highly recommended particularly in areas where there may be high spillage to protect the lustre of the bluestone tiles and pavers. Please expect a dimensional or thickness variation of +-3mm, it is for this reason that we recommend laying with a 8mm grout joint and always in brick bond pattern.
If you choose not to seal your tiles, make sure you clean up spills immediately to avoid staining the tiles. Use only a penetrating invisible type sealer (no colour change) similar to Tasman Chemicals STONE SHIELD and ALWAYS follow the sealer manufacturers instructions when applying. We stock a FULL range of suitable sealers. European Bluestone® like Australian bluestone will have occasional light saw marks and will have naturally occuring organic catspaw (covering between 0%-40% of any single tiles surface). We do not recommend acid washing ANY natural stone as it can lead to surface burns and discoloration where the acid has reacted adversely with minerals present in the stone.

We deliver bluestone pavers, tiles and pool coping door to door to all suburbs in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. We also deliver to any regional area in Australia at reasonable freight rates. We offer both door to door delivery OR for a more economical alternative you can pickup at your nearby freight depot

European Bluestone Pavers- The Facts



Please use one of the following adhesives IF installing in the adhesive is preferred…..

If you prefer to install your pavers in traditional sand and cement style follow these instructions to the letter:

– Select one of the adhesives above (ALL are rapid setting adhesives) and simply mix as per manufactures specifications then 10mm notch the adhesive onto the back of EVERY tile (ensuring 100% coverage).

– Let the adhesive set( the ones above set rapidly), usually around 3-4 hrs and then install the tiles as per your usual technique into the wet sand and cement mix. IF you don’t use a rapid setting adhesive you must allow a minimum of 12 hrs before laying into the wet mix of sand and cement.

– This system minimises the risk of any of the tiles warping slightly due to being moisture sensitive or being excessively hot at time of installation.

– IF installing in sand and cement we recommend adding F-LOC to the mixture, this will reduce the chance of any efflorescence (calcium hydroxide) migrating
to the surface of the grout or tile. Tech Specs can be purchased from Bunnings

– GROUTING should ONLY occur IF the tiles have been completely dry for at least 4 days in a row.

– IT IS NOT acceptable to blow the water out of the joints and then grout as you WILL have effluence issues, possibly warping issues, picture framing due to trapped excessive moisture.

– You must of course follow the Australian Tiling Standards in regard to incorporating expansion joints into your tiling. Failure to do so WILL lead to drummy and lifting tiles.


Highly recommended around BBQ areas or when the blue stone tiles are installed as internal floor tiles. Bluesetone pavers and tiles can be sealed with an invisible penetrating sealer to assist in the easy ongoing clean up of the stone pavers. We recommend sealing your Bluestone pavers with Tasman’s STONE SHIELD ( invisible no colour change penetrating seraler) This is also available at Stone & Slate Discounts. Cleaning prior to sealing we recommend a high pressure wash only, please ensure that you keep the jet nozzle around 250mm-300mm above the pavers at all times. DO NOT use a colour enhancing sealer on your bluestone as they tend to highlite any saw marks not visible to the naked eye and are generally harder to use and can be problematic.


Do not use Hydrochloric acid for clean up as this can cause minerals present in the stone to react adversely.Bluestone responds well to high pressure cleaning with a domestic machine, please keep the nozzle about 300mm minimum away from face of the bluestone pavers and tiles. Please ensure you use a blade not pin type head on the pressure cleaner, and ensure you pressure wash the ENTIRE paver.


Just sweep when needed. Bluestone responds well to high pressure cleaning with a domestic machine, please keep the nozzle about 300mm minimum away from face of the bluestone pavers and tiles. Please ensure you use a blade not pin type head on the pressure cleaner, and ensure you pressure wash the ENTIRE paver. A solution of mild detergent and water can be applied prior to pressure cleaning.



Here we will discuss the different characteristics of these two distinct bluestone categorizations.

Generally speaking, Standard Grade Bluestone will have the following characteristics:

  • A higher percentage of tiles or pavers containing naturally occurring catspaw, between 35%-60% of the surface of each and EVERY tile.
  • Cutting tolerances during the process of slicing the bluestone boulders up into tiles or pavers. In this case, a variation or tolerance allowance of +-5mm is to be expected. This leads to the occasional tile or paver being slightly out of square and is the reason why we recommend laying ONLY in a brick bond or stretcher bond pattern (which may fix these issues). If laying in adhesive, we recommend using a 6mm notch trowel to spread the adhesive BOTH on the slab and on the entire back of every tile or paver in a cross thatched pattern.
  • In some rare instances where some Ferro particles may be in the catspaw, it should be noted that these can be hidden during the grouting process.
  • The non-slip rating is HIGHER due to the sawn surface finish during the cutting process.

Premium European Bluestone comparison:

  • Less naturally occurring catspaw, usually around 0-20% of any single tile or pavers surface.
  • Variation or tolerance allowance of +-3mm is to be expected. This leads to the occasional tile or paver being slightly out of square and is the reason why we recommend laying ONLY in a brick bond or stretcher bond pattern (which may fix these issues). If laying in adhesive, we recommend using a 6mm notch trowel to spread the adhesive BOTH on the slab and on the entire back of every tile or paver in a cross thatched pattern.
  • Naturally occurring light surface pattern and colour variations may be present compared to standard grade.
  • Surface finish is very lightly honed, giving a slightly smoother finish, however, is still classified as a non-slip surface

More Info

What are European Bluestone Pavers?

If you are considering a landscaping project in Australia, then European Bluestone pavers might not be a new term for you. European Bluestone pavers or tiles are becoming increasingly popular amongst Australian homeowners. When you are designing a new landscape area, choosing the right paver or tiles is an important concern. While you might have a wide array of options for stones and tiles, European bluestone pavers have their own charm. Let us know why!


An Insight into European Bluestone Pavers

European bluestone pavers are derived out of guilds of top-quality quarries featuring bluestone or basalt located across different parts of Europe. European bluestone tiles are quite similar to basalt with respect to the overall colour and quality to suit the needs of Australian consumers. When you purchase European bluestone tiles, you will come across fine textures along with a sawn surface finish for achieving a higher level of non-slip characteristics.

With respect to the overall colours, European bluestone tiles are mid-grey to light blue-shaded natural stones that appear immensely attractive in your outdoor areas. They appear more attractive when you make use of the grout of the same colour. You can also consider using grout of grey or neutral colours for improved aesthetics throughout. If you wish to achieve a dark shade for your landscaping project, then you can purchase the highly attractive charcoal grey shade of European bluestone pavers.

European bluestone tiles can be placed in any corner of the outdoor area –right from driveways to pathways, patios, pool decks, and stepping stones.


Why You Should Buy European Bluestone Pavers For Your Home?

Do you wish to design a new bluestone driveway? Are you upgrading the existing landscape? There are several reasons for you to opt for European bluestone tiles for your Australian home.

Denser European Bluestone Quality

In comparison to other variants of bluestone tiles, European bluestone variant turns out to be denser in its appearance and texture. This is why European bluestone tiles are regarded as stronger and less porous. With such traits, you can always achieve improved results for your landscape’s aesthetics. Moreover, it also allows you to make less use of sealers during paving the entire area.


European Bluestone Consistent Colours & Textures

Natural stones are renowned across the world for variations in the overall colours and appearance. However, with European bluestone tiles, you can expect higher consistency for textures and colours throughout. Therefore, the stock that you are going to use turns out to be predictable with regard to its appearance.

In contrast to European bluestone pavers, other variants in the bluestone category –like Chinese pavers, feature patchy & discoloured patterns throughout. Therefore, you are never sure of the exact pattern you will receive with other variants.

European Bluestone Greater Quality Control
There is no denying the overall quality assurance offered by European bluestone pavers. Due to immense strength and reduced porosity, European bluestone variants are stronger and more resistant to harsh weather conditions. Additionally, these natural stone pavers are quite durable and cost-effective as well.

European Bluestone High Salt Tolerance
Do you live around coastal areas? The chances are you might already be frustrated with the ease of damage your pavers or tiles have to undergo due to the high salt content in the environment. With European bluestone pavers, you have some relief. It is known for its salt-tolerant characteristic. Therefore, it does not wither away under the impact of higher salt levels in the atmosphere.
In addition to installing these pavers in coastal regions, you can also install them near the swimming pool area or around the pool deck. You can expect highly durable results as the pavers last for several years to come.

European Bluestone has an attractive colour

As you take a glance at European bluestone tiles, you will be mesmerised with the overall consistency of colours throughout. It can become difficult to find resemblance in two slabs of European bluestone pavers. You will find beautiful variations in colours, textures, patterns, and shades.

While you will find consistency in the colours or European bluestone pavers, you should note that no two pavers will ever be the same. As you can expect, these tiles are going to be available in various shades of blue. Usually, you will come across tiles in leading colour options like greyish tones, midnight blues, and light to dark blues.

European Bluestone is Affordable

Even though European bluestone pavers are world-class paving materials, still they are highly affordable in comparison to other options. If you are in search for cheap bluestone pavers, you can look for a reliable supplier like Slate Discounts.

In case you wish to add some improved aesthetics to the exteriors of your home, then you can opt for European bluestone pavers as the leading paver choice in Australia. Whether you wish to design the pool deck or install it in the driveway, bluestone pavers are perfect solutions for your home’s exteriors. The only catch here is to search for a reputed bluestone supplier like Slate Discounts to satisfy all your requirements.


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