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Frequently Asked Questions Crazy Paving & Crazy Pavers

Frequently Asked Question About Crazy Paving and Crazy Pavers

Q1. What is Crazy Paving?

A) Crazy Paving is a type of sedimentary rock that consists of minerals, organic materials, and most importantly stones. It usually contains cementing material that fuses well with the medium-sized sand grains present in the rock. Crazy paving can be defined as the method of landscaping that is usually implemented on outdoor areas, including patios, pathways, driveways, gardens, and pool areas.


Q2. What are flagstone pavers?

A) Crazy paving is also referred to as the ‘flagstone,” crazy paving and its concept originated from the theory of using broken pieced or wasted off-cuts during the installation of outdoor pavers and large-sized cut stone. From a simple renovation of your small courtyard to a large-scale landscaping project, the method of laying stone turns out to be super effective.


Q3. What is the price of crazy paving?

A) The cost of crazy pavers depends mainly on the area you plan on covering with these pavers, as well as, the type of stones you use for crazy paving. Crazy pavers are available in varying sizes, colors, shapes, and types. For example, you can use bluestone, travertine, cobblestone, granite, slate, and other types of natural stones for crazy pavers. Plus, it is available in different finishes. On average, the crazy pavers cost around $40 to $80 per m2. An example is BLUESTONE crazy flagstone paving will vary in price from around $40m2 – $70m2, whilst SANDSTONE random paving will vary from approx $49m² – $69m².


Q4. What is the price of installation of crazy paving?

A) Labor cost for the installation of this type of paving is pretty high, as crazy pavers need a lot of time for laying. The irregular shapes make it super difficult for contractors to install the pavers on the patio and around your swimming pool. The total cost of the project can go up to $2500 – $3,000 and higher depending on the total number of meters of paving required. As a general rule of thumb installation costs on an existing slab will be around $100m2.


Q5. What to use in the joints between crazy paving?

A) Due to the irregularities in the shape and sizes of crazy paving, this leaves a medium sized grout joint that needs to be filled during the installation process. You can fill these joints between the crazy pavers with a wet grout mix ie Mapei sanded grout range- just add water. Alternatively, you can use wet mortar mix made of cement and sand (white washed river sand). Some homeowners fill the joints between these pavers with yellow sand. You may have to apply the grouting material a few times to fill the gaps properly. Also, compact the ground after applying the grout and seal it.


Q6. Do you need to seal crazy paving?

A) Sealing of crazy paving is VERY dependent upon the area of application. The main enemy of crazy pave is oil, generally found on driveways and BBQ areas. So when paving you driveway or BBQ in natural stone crazy paving we highly recommend sealing your stone. IF your crazy paving needs to be sealed after the installation it will require resealing every 4-6 years. How often you need to seal these pavers depends on how frequently you use them and what kind of weather and traffic they remain exposed to. As a rule, you should aim to seal crazy pavers every 2-3 years on a driveway and every 4 years around your BBQ area.


Q7. How to clean crazy paving?

A) Crazy pavers are best cleaned with a gernie ( high pressure washer) a regular detergent. Your best option is the stone-special cleaning detergent (Slate Kleen), but if you can’t find one, consider washing the floor with any mild household detergent. Any washing detergent will do as long as it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or acid that can stain or attack the stones surface. Natural stone crazy paving is made of robust natural stone that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and wear effortlessly, but they can’t resist acid and harsh chemicals. Pour the solution across your patio and give it a nice wash. You could also scrub the surface to remove any stubborn stains.


Q8. Does crazy paving vary in thickness?

A) The ideal thickness of the crazy paving depends on the area you are installing these tiles and the clearance allowance you have. Generally, people choose crazy pavers that are at least 20mm to 30mm thick. You can also find pavers with a thickness of up to 40 mm, especially for the driveways and other areas that are exposed to heavy foot and vehicular traffic throughout the year. Before you choose the pavers, make sure you consider their thickness. The pavers are laid on a base of 120mm. Discuss your requirements with the stone supplier to find the best thickness for crazy pavers. Please remember some crazy paving like BLUESTONE and also SAND STONE are available in calibrated finish( somewhat even thickness) of around 20mm, 30mm or 40mm.


Q9. Is it possible to install crazy paving on sandbase?

A) PREFERABLY NOT. If you want to achieve a solid finish, consider laying crazy pavers on a strong bed of sand and cement over the top of a compacted road base of around 100mm. However, if you need a temporary pavement or you only have a small area to cover, you can lay these pavers on a sand bed. However, there is a chance you will spot the weed growth between the pavers if you lay them on the sand. Usually, pavers are laid on a 50mm sand bed, which sits on the 100mm base of compacted road base. If you are laying the pavers on the sand, grout the area after the installation and point ALL of the exposed sides up.


Q10. Can you install crazy paving on wall?

A) Yes, it’s totally possible to lay crazy pavers on the wall. In fact, many homeowners choose natural stone pavers for wall cladding. It is highly recommended for those who want to retain the retro feel of their house or give a rustic touch to their interior and exterior walls. Crazy pavers make an excellent choice for the facade walls, fireplace surrounds or columns. The pavers are installed on a wall with Mapei adhesive, we recommend Mapeilastic and kerrabond. Put the adhesive on the back of the slabs and start sticking them to the wall in your selected pattern. Please follow the manufactures adhesive specifications and instructions when installing.


Q11. Is sandstone non-slippery?

A) Sandstone is a natural rock that gets formed due to sedimentation. The rock is porous in nature and can get slippery when wet. There are however, different finishes that can be opted to make it slip-resistant. The sandstone tiles installed on the floor have the tendency to absorb liquids that can make it slippery. Sandstone is a soft rock that can dent and get slippery after absorbing moisture. The amount of wetness on the tile is directly proportional to the finish it has. It is usually seen that the tiles with a honed finish are more lubricious than others.


Q12. DIY Crazy pave or Do I need an expert?

A) Crazy pave helps you create a very natural appealing outdoor area that looks gorgeous in all settings and seasons. However, laying these pavers can be a little challenging, as crazy pavers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Crazy pavers are laid in a free-flowing and random pattern, so there is a good chance you might find a lot of irregularities in these pavers. Arranging them on the ground is the most complicated part of the crazy paving installation process. It is better to leave the installation task to a professional to get a smoother and clean finish.


Q13. Is crazy paving easy to maintain?

A) Yes, crazy pave only requires basic maintenance. Simply give your crazy pavers a good wash with a high-pressure gernie and a quality cleaning detergent and the stone will look as fresh and good as new. Maintenance can include occasional sealing – once every few years and sooner if the pavers are installed in an area that is exposed BBQ’s and tables where you consume food. Wash the pavers every few weeks with a regular cleaning detergent and mop the floor for a clean look. For more information about crazy pave maintenance, contact Stone Pavers PL in Melbourne, Australia.


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