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Bluestone pavers paving ideas for use around Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane

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Bluestone Pavers Paving Ideas for Use around Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra Brisbane


Cheap French pattern tiles and pavers

“Harkaway French Pattern Bluestone” 


Currently, the council is funding the bluestone pavers’ installation in and around Melbourne CBD. The asphalt tiles on the streets are replaced by sawn and permeable bluestone pavers. This natural stone is available in a range of colors and patterns in Australian stone markets. Owing to its hard-wearing property and stylish design, bluestone pavers have become the homeowner’s first choice when it comes to paving.

This natural stone is mainly used for pool coping. Since it has the ability to resist even the harshest weather and the harmful chemicals, bluestone is installed around the edges of the swimming pool. The stone is available in mainly two types, i.e. flagstone and dimensional bluestone. The latter is used for stair treads, windows, and doorways, while flagstone refers to the small slabs of the bluestone that are cut and shaped to fit the patio and walkway.


Cool and Inviting Tones


The durability and versatility make Bluestone the best fit for all kinds of exterior applications. Besides that, bluestone is available in some cool tones that make it different from other natural stones. You must not have seen asphalt, concrete, travertine, and any other natural or man-made stone in blue and purple tones. This is because natural stones are known for their earthy and warm tones. So, if you would like to remodel your exteriors with something unique and cool, then the blue and grey tones of bluestone will help you achieve your goals.


“Eurpoean Bluestone Tiles”


The blue and grey tones of bluestone complement your deck and swimming pool. That’s one of the reasons why bluestone is mainly used for pool coping. You must have seen this natural stone installed around the swimming pool in your neighbor’s backyard. Despite being a hard and durable material, bluestone is flexible enough to be trimmed and shaped according to the homeowner’s requirements. That’s why contractors often suggest bluestone for exterior paving and pool coping. You can customize this natural stone according to your landscape.

In addition to paving and coping, bluestone is used for the construction of lamps and tables. Many tourists buy bluestone as a souvenir. This natural stone is famous in Melbourne, Sydney, and other parts of Australia. It is widely used in other countries as well.

Bluestone for Paving and Wall Cladding


Bluestone looks stunning on the roads and walls. One interest quality of this material is its ability to adapt to just about any landscape seamlessly. This means the bluestone pavers installed on your exterior façade, driveway, patio, deck, and even around the fireplace wall can complement your décor theme. While this natural stone ahs multiple applications, it looks fabulous on patios and deck.


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