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Get ideas for your paving using natural stone pavers

Get Ideas for Your Paving Using Natural Stone Pavers


You can transform your backyard into a contemporary-style patio with the right stone pavers. Australian homeowners lay natural stones on the patio, backyard, area around the swimming pool, driveway, walkway, and interior walls. You can either try DIY patio paving or hire a contractor for the job. Either way, your backyard or patio will look stunning with the right pavers. The method you choose to lay these pavers is as important as the stone pavers you pick for your space. That’s the reason why a majority of homeowners hire professional contractors to get the best results.

Get ideas for your paving using natural stone pavers

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There is no denying that stone pavers are different from the man-made and other paving materials, such as concrete and bricks. Here, we are presenting some key factors you must take into consideration when laying the stone pavers. Let’s take a look:


  • Choose the Right Finish

Stone pavers are extracted from the earth. So, these pavers are found in their most natural form when extracted. However, several finishes can be applied to these natural stones by humans and machines. These stones undergo machine processing and chemical treatments to get a modern and glossy finish. Sandstone and travertine, for example, are the two common natural pavers that can have different finishes.

The common finishes available for natural stones are polished, tumbled, honed, brushed, leather stone, mushroom stone, and more. Professional designers and contractors recommend these pavers in their natural finish. This is because natural stones are famous for their hard-wearing and durable properties. They lose versatility as well as their resilience when exposed to the chemicals in the manufacturing process.


  • Lay the Stones before Installing them

The installation of natural stone pavers is a complex process, especially if you haven’t paved the interior or exterior floors ever. If you are trying DIY installation just to save some bucks, then we recommend you hire a professional contractor. The last thing you want is to end up spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs.

For those who are trying DIY, start with selecting a layout pattern. You don’t necessarily have to lay these pavers in a straight and consistent pattern. If you want something unique, try crazy paving. All you need to do is lay the natural pavers in a free flow pattern. Asymmetrical shapes and random patterns look stunning in all settings.


  • Seal the Pavers

You will have to create the foundation to lay the stone pavers. Once you are done laying these natural stones, spray the sealant on the paved surface to ensure its longevity. The natural pavers need sealing. It protects your paved surface from stains due to liquid spills, weather elements, foot traffic, and more.




Beautiful Natural Stone Pavers are perfect for installing around the swimming pool area, outdoor pavers, garden sitting areas, patio pavers, driveway pavers and more.

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