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Bluestone Crazy Pavers

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Bluestone Crazy Pavers

Featuring different sizes and shapes of natural stones, crazy paving has been around for decades. Bluestone crazy pavers patterns feature the irregular shapes and textures of the pavers that are installed in a random and free-form pattern to create an unstructured garden. It can also be used on the driveways, pathways, pool deck, patios, backyards, and façade walls.

Crazy paving resembles the retro-style exteriors. Earlier, people would choose the natural stones for paving their patios and outdoor space. They would arrange these pavers in a random pattern to create a stunning and unique landscape.

Bluestone crazy paving pattern is one of the stylish and elegant ways to complete your landscape. Despite being a traditional style, this paving pattern is still popular among Australian homeowners. In fact, people choose bluestone pavers or crazy pavers over other natural stones because of their natural characteristics. It can help you add drama to your simple and boring space.


Bluestone for Crazy Paving

The versatility and durability of bluestone make it a perfect option for crazy paving. This natural stone has become the most common choice for outdoor décor applications. Whether you want to decorate your patio with brand-new stones or replace the concrete pavers in your pool deck with something unique and natural, bluestone crazy pavers can be your ideal option. You will find bluestone in a multitude of colours, shapes, textures, and sizes.

All these variations help design different landscapes. That’s the reason why bluestone has become the homeowners’ favourite choice for outdoor paving applications. The pavers are available in 20mm-40mm thickness. As mentioned above, it is sold in different shades. You just need to pay close attention to your exteriors to decide the best and most suitable colour palette for your space.

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“Bluestone is the best option for crazy paving. It features a rough and anti-slip surface that prevents accidents around the wet areas, especially the swimming pool. You could install bluestone crazy pavers in your pool deck and patio to create a retro-inspired landscape.”

Stock Pavers stock various type of crazy paving. However, our product bluestone crazy paving is quite popular from all the other crazy paving styles.

How to Install Crazy Pavers?

As the name implies, crazy paving is the arrangement of different sizes of bluestones in a random pattern. It is the opposite of the regular or thermal bluestone pavers that are laid in a uniform pattern to create a structured look.

The crazy paving pattern gives you a unique and attractive landscape that stands out from your neighbour’s exteriors. The stones featuring different colours and shapes are assembled on the ground and laid on the base.

The steps for installing the bluestone crazy pavers are similar to the other natural stones.

  1. You have to create a strong base using the gravel and sand.
  2. Once you are done with the base, you can lay bluestone pavers in a random pattern on the base.
  3. Then, You will also need to fill the gaps between each paver with the mortar or sand.
  4. The stones used for this pattern have varying sizes. In other words, you have to lay the set of a small, medium, and large stones together.
  5. The thickness of each paver could vary.

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