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Why Bluestone has a High Non-slip Rating?

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Why Bluestone has a High Non-slip Rating?

Nothing sounds better than a cool and calm evening by the poolside with your loved ones. With bluestone tiles installed around your swimming pool, you can use your pool deck to escape the hot evening and scorching weather during summer. When it comes to pool coping, one of the major concerns of homeowners is slip accidents. Brick and concrete do not come with high non-slip ratings. Mostly, homeowners look for the natural stones that come with P5 non-slip ratings for the wet areas. As the stones remain exposed to the chlorinated water all the time, they are highly likely to get wet and slippery. This increases the risk of slip accidents around the pool. Bluestone happens to be one of the few coping materials that offer the highest non-slip rating, making it the best option for pool surrounds.  

Why Choose Bluestone for Pool Coping?

  Man-made paving materials are not designed to endure heavy foot traffic and water splashing. It is only a matter of time before you will start to notice the cracks and discoloration in the concrete pavers. The exposure to the chlorinated and salty water makes pool pavers less durable. The durability of the natural stones and other pool coping tiles can be determined by the non-slip rating of the material. For example, bluestone has a slip resistance value of 67. It is far better than concrete and other local paving tiles. The natural bluestone tiles that are sold in the natural cleft and sawn finish offer the best grip. You could walk barefoot on these pavers even with wet feet. Even if you are splashing water or using bluestone pool coping tiles to get a grip when getting out of the pool, rest assured that you will not slip. The rough texture and smooth surface of the bluestone pavers make a perfect combination. You could also organize pool parties or barbecues on the pool deck. The light sawn surface and rough texture of bluestone make it one of the slip-resistant materials. That’s one of the reasons why homeowners lay bluestone tiles in their exteriors. No matter how hot the temperature is, with bluestone tiles installed around your pool or on the driveway, you never have to worry about the material getting slippery. The high non-slip rating sets bluestone apart from concrete and other man-made pavers. In fact, European bluestone happens to be the thickest material in the Australian stone market. Despite having a high non-slip rating, bluestone is still one of the underrated pool coping materials. The different finishes and types of these pavers enable homeowners to use them for multiple paving and flooring applications.  

Best Properties of Bluestone Pavers

  The salt-resistance properties of Bluestone make this natural stone an ideal option for pool coping. Not only for the pool surrounds, but this paving material is extensively used for nearly all types of paving projects. From patios to driveways to alfresco, you could incorporate bluestone into your entire exterior landscape. Mostly, contractors recommend bluestone for the areas that are exposed to the changing weather. If you have kids and pets that love to spend evenings around the swimming pool, then you must consider bluestone pool coping. You could extend the coping to the pool deck to complement your exterior landscape. Whether you have a traditional-style deck or a sophisticated space, bluestone is available in multiple finishes that are designed to fit all types of surroundings. Featuring a P5 slip resistant rating, European and Midnight bluestone pavers offer maximum protection to families. Whether you want to take a peaceful walk on the deck or play in the swimming pool, rest assured that bluestone pavers do not get slippery. The rough texture of these pavers gives them an anti-slip finish. Besides, bluestone features a wonderful combination of charcoal black, blue, and grey color palettes. It gives your garden and pool deck a contemporary finish.  

Slip-resistant Properties of Bluestone Pavers

  The irregular-sized bluestone tiles can be arranged in a free-flow pattern. As mentioned earlier, bluestone tiles are mainly available in sawn and honed finishes. Since you are installing the pavers near the swimming pool, consider buying bluestone tiles in their most natural form. The honed bluestone is perfect for those who are using this natural stone just to enhance the curb appeal of the place. It is important to note that the non-slip resistant rating of the bluestone paver varies depending on the type of material you choose. Bluestone that comes with the honed and tumbled finish will not offer the best slip-resistant benefits. Never install natural stone featuring a polished finish near the wet areas. For those who want to keep their exterior simple and plain with the bluestone that offers a high non-slip resistance rating, sawn and natural cleft stones are the best options. Not only for the swimming pools and decks, but bluestones are commonly found on the bathroom walls and other wet areas. The best quality of this natural stone is its slip-resistant nature. No matter where they are installed, the color of the bluestone tiles never fades.

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