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Travertine Tiles Prices

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Travertine Tiles Prices

Travertine is mainly used for outdoor paving, pool paving, pool coping and wall cladding. Used for a wide range of applications, this natural stone is extracted from the earth and is considered the best decor stone for the area around your swimming pool. But, that’s not the only use of travertine tiles. Its wide range of colours and shapes make it a suitable option for driveway paving, patios, exterior wall cladding, flooring, and so on.

Most homeowners look for affordable decor materials for their homes. They like to stick to the cheapest product they find on the stone paving websites. However, the quality of the material you use for the home renovation is equally important. Travertine is the best example of an affordable and high-quality natural stone. You could use it for shower wall cladding. Fireplace wall cladding, interior floor tiling, travertine stepping stones, driveway and patio paving, and other such applications. What makes this stone stand out from other natural materials is its adaptability.

You will be surprised to see how it blends with different surroundings. Whether you have traditional-style exteriors or contemporary designs, travertine will complement all colors and themes quite well. Travertine belongs to the limestone category.  It is especially known for its high durability and elegant look. No matter where you install the travertine tiles, they will add a touch of elegance to your space. Before we discuss the prices of different types of travertine pavers, let’s have a look at the standard cost of travertine tiling and cladding.


The Cost of Travertine Tiles & Travertine Pavers

The cheapest travertine tiles are available at a price as low as $29 sq meter. So, if you are on a tight budget and cannot spend much on the flooring or wall cladding, we highly recommend the cheapest travertine pavers. The maximum cost of this stone could be $98 per square meter.

The material you purchase has a great impact on its price. It goes without saying that you will have to spend a few hundred extra dollars if you would like to get the project done by a professional. Likewise, sealing the area can add to the total cost. Some agencies charge for installation and sealing per square meter. So, the total price will depend on the area you would like to be tiled. Other companies may have a fixed rate per hour. So, the total amount they charge will depend on the number of hours they take to complete the job.

Travertine is available in different forms. For instance, if you would like a glossy finish, you could opt for polished travertine tiles. Likewise, it can be brushed, tumbled, and honed. The most popular style of the travertine is French Pattern Travertine. Australian homeowners love the look of concisely organised french pattern flooring. If you want to keep it simple, then you could buy square or rectangular travertine pavers from the local store.

The natural stones are the cheapest. They will only cost you a few dollars per square meter installation i.e. if you install them on your own. Additionally, they increase the value of your house over time. The tumbled or honed, on the other hand, comes with a higher price tag. They give a rough and polished appearance.

While natural stones look quite aesthetically appealing and cool, we can’t ignore the fact that they are highly prone to wear and tear. Damage due to weather elements is possible in all types of travertine stones. To protect these stones from discoloration due to liquid spills and other natural damages, we highly recommend you get the area sealed thoroughly. The sealant might cost you a few additional bucks, but the results are worth every penny.

Different Types of Travertine Stones

Travertine is available in different colors and types. The prices of the material mainly depend on the quality of the stone. Here, we have listed a few popular options for your exterior and interior flooring. Let’s have a look:

Silver Travertine / Grey Travertine

If you would like to install the neutral-colored stones, then travertine slabs available in white, silver, and black hues will make a perfect fit. They look stunning in your exterior and interior space. In general, contractors mainly recommend the silver travertine tiles for areas that receive low traffic. These stones are mainly found in the bathroom vanity tops.


Silver Travertine Tiles & Pavers from $59 m²

Silver Oyster Travertine Tiles & Pavers from $49 m²

Matching Pool Coping Tiles: 

Silver Travertine Drop Face Pool Coping from $59 each

Silver Travertine Bullnose Pool Coping from $32 each

Silver Travertine Tumbled Pool Coping from $25 each

Ivory Travertine

  1. Another beautiful stone for your interior decor is ivory travertine tiles. Available in a light cream and beige colours. This subtle stone makes an ideal option for outdoor pavers, pool pavers, patio pavers, garden sitting area and the wall around your fireplace. Originated in Iran, this beautiful cream and brownish mocha coloured classic travertine stone adds a touch of sophistication to wherever you install it.

Product : 

Ivory Travertine – Standard Grade from $42 m²

Rustic Ivory Travertine – Rustic Grade $36 m²

Matching Pool Coping Tiles :

Ivory Travertine Drop Face Pool Coping from $40 each

Ivory Travertine Bullnose Pool Coping from $30 each

Ivory Travertine Tumbled Pool Coping from $24 each

Noce Travertine

Available in brown and beige color, this light travertine stone features white veining. They are the favorite choice of our customers for outdoor pavers especially for swimming pool pavers, pool coping tiles, garden paving, patio paving and can be used for indoor flooring with a honed and polished finish. It is a perfect material for home remodeling projects. Other than brown and beige, Noce travertine is available in Rustic and Classic tiles.

Product :

Noce Travertine Pavers & Tiles from $56 m²

Matching Pool Coping Tiles: 

Noce Travertine Drop Face Pool Coping Tiles from $59 each

Noce Travertine Bullnose Pool Coping Tiles from $32 each

Noce Travertine Tumbled Pool Coping Tiles from $25 each

White Travertine

As the name implies, white travertine comes with splendid white limestone family and looks stunning upon installation around pool pavers, pool coping Tiles, patio pavers, garden sitting areas and other similar outdoor tiling areas. You could also pick this material as stepping stones for your garden. However, white travertine needs high maintenance as they white in colour require timely cleaning.

Product :

Capri White Travertine Pavers & Tiles from $79 m²

Shell White Travertine Tiles & Pavers from $59 m²

Matching Pool Coping Tiles :

Capri White Drop Face Pool Coping Tiles from $69 each

Capri White Bullnose Pool Coping Tiles from $49 each

Capri White Tumbled Pool Coping Tiles from $40 each

Shell White Drop Face Pool Coping Tiles from $66 each

Shell White Bullnose Pool Coping Tiles from $49 each

Shell White Tumbled Pool Coping Tiles from $39 each

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