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Travertine Stepping Stones

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Travertine Stepping Stones

So, you have a beautiful garden that feels fresh and rejuvenating to your feet. As much as exciting the idea of walking on the grass barefoot sounds, not everyone likes to walk on a muddy and wet garden. If you have recently washed your garden or it’s a monsoon, you will most likely want to install stepping stones. Now the important question is ‘what material you should use for the stepping stones in your garden’?

Nowadays, most families prefer travertine stones for home decoration. The exterior of your home needs a strong, natural, and attractive stone that has the potential to last for years. Travertine is one of the natural stones. Marble, granite, and quartzite might be the most gorgeous and robust natural materials for exterior paving and wall cladding. However, these stones are pricey. Not every homeowner has the budget to invest thousands of bucks on these stones. Travertine might not be as durable as granite and marble, but it has the potential to resist the natural elements that cause wear and tear. Most importantly, it is affordable.


Price of Travertine Stepping Stones

The total cost of the travertine stepping stone can vary by the area and size of your garden. It also depends on the color and design you choose. On average, travertine paver costs approx $8 to $15 per tile. This cost does not include the installation price. If you hire professionals to install the stepping stones in your garden, you will have to spend $40-$100 per hour or you can choose to lay by yourself.

You can install the travertine stepping stones on the walkway and patio. It is a perfect way to enhance the curb appeal of your home and turn your patio into a warm and welcoming space. As mentioned above, travertine is an affordable material. But, the total installation project can cost you hundreds of dollars i.e. if you hire laborers for the job. We suggest you follow the DIY stepping stone installation process to save some bucks. Let’s have a look at the steps to install the travertine stepping stones.

  • Set the Foundation

As soon as you have marked the position of the stepping stones, remove them and start creating the foundation. You will have to set the foundation to install the travertine stepping stones. You can lay the stones on a 40mm base. You will have to dig a deep hole in order to lay the travertine stones. The exact depth you need depends on the material you choose and the height of these stones. You will have to dig a hole deeper than the stone’s height.

Create the cement, sand, and water base and fill each hole. Fill the holes to a point that the stepping stones fit the hole and are leveled with the ground. Once you are done filling the holes, start to place the travertine pavers. The stones are to be laid in each hole securely. They must be aligned with the string. That’s it! Backfill the area surrounding the stepping stones and leave the stones for at least 24 hours to dry.

  • Seal them

If you want to protect your stepping stones from stains and weather elements, use a quality sealant to seal the stones. This will extend the lifespan of travertine stones and give an elegant touch to your garden. Sealing the stone is the final step. Use a high-quality sealant to form a strong seal around the pavers. Wait for another 24 hours and there you go! The travertine stepping stones are ready. Take a wall on your new stepping stones.

DIY Steps to Lay Stepping Stones

  • Set the Width

Get travertine pavers and lay them on the walkway or garden, each at a distance of 100mm to 200mm. Walk on these stepping stones to check the width. Your foot must land right at the center of each stone. Make necessary adjustments in the space for accurate installation.

Make sure you do not leave plenty of space between the travertine tiles stepping stones as it could make your stride uncomfortable. Likewise, the pavers will not look good if you leave little to no space between the stones. So, try to aim for an average distance. This step is also called dry laying i.e when you lay the stepping stones on a dry surface to measure the distance.

  • Insert Two Poles

Once you have measured the distance and accurate width, the next step is to fix two string lines at the end of the walkway or garden. You can insert it into the ground using a hammer. Once you are done installing two poles on both sides, grab a string and tie it to the first pole. Stretch the string to the pole on the other end.

You will have to press the travertine stepping stones against this string. It will help keep all your stones aligned in a row.

  • Mark the Stones Position

Do not remove the stones yet. Grab a paint spray and spray each corner of your stepping stones in order to mark their position. It should be done carefully so that the spray doesn’t stain or discolor your travertine stone.

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