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Sandstone Crazy Pavers

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Sandstone Crazy Pavers

Crazy pavers are a style of pavers that are utilized by putting in odd moulded bits of stone. Some stone may be more linear in form, giving a keener and a more characterized look, and some stone might be of more adjusted fit, giving a milder vibe, just like a mosaic.

Crazy stone paving is tied in with getting the grout spaces right. Bigger grout spaces will build the predominance of the grout in the completed pavers, and tighter grout spaces will let the stone be more noticeable. An ideal grout hole is around 10mm.

This laying design demands a skilled individual to do the job as you can’t run straight to help with levels, and it includes a ton of stone cutting. Due to this, laying costs will be low, but there is no compromise on the quality despite all the trouble!


What are the benefits of crazy pavers?

  • Crazy paving is an adaptable item that gives a sharp and stylish look for properties in both business and private settings. The stones are unbelievably thick, which makes them internally solid, while the assembling cycle improves the consistency of each stone’s pattern, shading, and shape.
  • The wonderful surface of crazy paving makes it a famous alternative for garages, pool copings, and patio grounds, along with the trendy outdoor spaces.
  • Crazy paving will add a feeling of class to your space, and as a result of its natural hues and designs, the pattern of crazy paving can be used in both traditional and modern spaces.
  • Crazy pavers make a smooth and outwardly appealing surface. They are simple to take care of, as there is next to zero maintenance needed to keep the stone fit as a fiddle.
  • Crazy paving is a cost-effective option for any of your outside needs as the stone is hard-wearing and is effectively defensive to any easy wear and tear.

“Installation Image of Sandstone Teakwood Crazy Paving and Pavers” 

“Installation Image of Himalayan Sandstone Crazy Paving and Pavers

Why is sandstone the right material for crazy pavers?

  • Natural sandstone is a significantly more visually attractive choice that has the unmistakable bit of leeway of enduring longer than synthetic pavers, disintegrated rock, concrete, or any comparative material.
  • Talking about this, along with the added value to your property, it is obvious why the choice might add more advantages. Natural sandstone will age well and improve in appearance after some time. Each bit of the sandstone has an extraordinary mix of hues and tones.

One thing should be kept in mind at all times, that paving should be something other than something that is strolled on. Sandstone crazy pavers are unique in appearance and offer a long-lasting presence at the same time.


Sandstone is one of the sturdy and durable materials that have the potential to last for years without showing signs of wear and tear. [Read more about What is Sandstone? ]

That is why it is one of the most popular natural stone tile choices of Australian Homeowners. [Read Sandstone Frequently Asked Question to learn more. ]

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