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Bluestone Pavers Prices

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Bluestone Pavers Prices

Many homeowners select natural stones to create a striking and contemporary patio. That’s because these pavers carry natural characteristics that help people design a unique and stunning landscape. Concrete cannot help you design a modern patio. It can resemble the natural stones in some ways, but concrete is nothing as compared to the bluestone pavers. This material is available in mainly two types – regular and irregular pavers.

As the name suggests, the regular bluestone tiles can help create a uniform landscape. They are available in the same shapes, textures, and dimensions. Manufacturers double-check the size and texture of each regular bluestone paver to ensure that each slab looks identical.

Irregular bluestone tiles, on the other hand, consist of the uneven edges and random-shaped pavers. Most Australian homeowners work closely with the manufacturer to get the bluestone slabs cut and shaped into their desired length so that all the slabs look identical and create a uniform pattern.


The Cost of Bluestone Pavers and Bluestone Tiles

The cheapest bluestone pavers are available at a price as low as $36 square meter. So, if you are looking for cheap pavers because of the tight budget, we would highly recommend our range of bluestones varieties in various thickness and sizes. The maximum it can cost you around $95 per square meter.

How Much Does Bluestone Paving Cost?

Like other paving materials, the cost of the bluestone paving depends largely on the type of the bluestones you choose as well as its thickness. Since thermal or regular pavers need more attention during the manufacturing process, they are a bit expensive. However, most of the bluestone pavers are quite affordable.

Irregular pavers feature random shapes and uneven edges. That’s the reason they are comparatively cheaper than the standard and customised bluestone slabs. On average, the regular bluestone pavers could cost up to $36 per square meter installation.

The irregular pavers are available for $22 to $95 per square meter. These are irregular pavers commonly know as bluestone stepping stones and bluestone crazy pavers. If you choose thick pavers, then it adds some extra bucks to the total cost.

Now, that was only the price of the bluestone pavers. You are also supposed to pay the labour cost, i.e. if you choose professional contractors for the installation. Usually, the labourers charge a fixed price. They can charge up to $100 per square meter of installation. The price can be higher depending on the area covered. If you want to lay the pavers in a unique pattern, then the labours might charge higher than the standard price.

It is important to pay close attention to the installation of the bluestone pavers in your exteriors. Check if each pavers is laid properly and they are level with each other. If you DIY the bluestone paving installation project, you can save a few bucks on the contractors’ fees. However, you will have to get the paving equipment that includes cutting blades, sand, saws, and excavation tools.

Applications of Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone is commonly used in outdoor paving areas. You will find this material in the patios, pool decks, driveways, pathways, façade walls, and backyards. Surprisingly, it can also be used in interior flooring and walls.

You could give the simple pathway the depth of colours and textures using bluestone pavers. The material is popular around the pool decks. Its anti-slip surface can help create a stunning patio. Other than that, the dark tones of bluestone pavers can give a grand entrance to your guests. You can use this natural stone in just about any space.

Different Types of Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone is available in different types and colours in Australia. The cost and prices of the pavers mainly depend on the quality of the stone. Here, we have listed a few popular options for your exterior and interior flooring. Let’s have a look:
Harkaway bluestone pavers and tiles
Harkaway bluestone pavers and tiles
  • Harkaway Bluestone

If you are looking for dark blackish coloured pavers with variations in the tiles then Harkaway bluestone is your pick. It is one of the premium grades of bluestone available in Australia. You can choose to lay these pavers as square box patter, stretcher bond pattern and French pattern.


Harkaway Bluestone Pavers from $53 per square meter

Matching Pool Coping Tiles: 

Harkaway Bluestone Drop Face Pool Coping from $34 each

Harkaway Bluestone Bullnose Pool Coping from $20 each

Harkaway Bluestone Bevel Edge Pool Coping from $20 each

Harkaway Bluestone Curved Pool Coping from $40 each – Special Product

Euro Bluestone Pavers
Bluestone pavers and bluestone pool tiles
  • European Bluestone

Another beautiful stone for your exterior flooring is European Bluestone. Available in a light greyish colours. This subtle stone makes an ideal option for outdoor pavers, pool pavers, patio pavers, garden sitting area and the wall around your fireplace. Originated in Europe, this astonishing greyish coloured stone adds a touch of sophistication to wherever you install it.

Product : 

European Bluestone Pavers from $36 m²

Matching Pool Coping Tiles :

European Bluestone Drop Face Pool Coping from $27 each

European Bluestone Bullnose Pool Coping from $17 each

Bluestone pavers bluestone tiles blue tiles midnight leather tiles
Midnight bluestone bullnose pool coping tiles and pavers black tiles
  • Midnight Blue Stone

Midnight Blue Stone is a great alternative for those who trying to save some money on their pavers. This variety of blue stone is cheaper as compared to the Harkaway and European Bluestone Pavers.

Product :

Midnight Blue Stone Pavers – Flamed from $44 m²

Midnight Blue Stone Pavers – Leather from $33 m²

Matching Pool Coping Tiles: 

Midnight Blue Stone Drop Face Pool Coping from $22 each

Midnight Blue Stone Bullnose Pool Coping from $16 each


Bluestone is one of the tough and durable natural stone that have the potential to last for years without showing signs of wearing. [Read more about What is Bluestone? ]

That is why it is one of the most popular natural stone tile choice of Australian Homeowners. [Read Bluestone Frequently Asked Question to learn more. ]

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