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Shell White French Pattern Tiles



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100% Limestone | Great Indoors & Outdoors | Safe Non Slip Surface | Weather Resistant | Matching Pool Coping / Step Treads



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fire place tiles cladding tiling indoor tiling feature wall

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Shell Limestone White Tiles & Pavers

For a chic look with a touch of antiquity, choose these stunning white tiles and pavers. The stone is white with a light beige fossil-like texture. This gives the stone tiles warmth. If you’d prefer a plainer white tile style, choose Capri Limestone White Tiles & Pavers

Shell White Limestone Tiles & Pavers make excellent pool pavers. Not only do they look great, they also have a safe non slip surface and are cool underfoot even in hot temperatures.

Continue the look with matching pool coping, step treads and stone capping in bullnose, tumbled edge and drop face pool coping tiles.

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Suitability: Well suited for use as bathroom or internal floor and wall tiles along with pool pavers and pool coping.

Limestone can be sealed with an invisible penetrating sealer to assist in the ongoing clean up of the stone.

An invisible penetrating sealer can be applied prior to grouting which will facilitate easy clean up after application of the grout.

Cleaning: Do not use Hydrochloric acid for clean up as this can cause pitting in the surface of the stone.

Maintenance: Just sweep when needed. Limestone responds well to high pressure cleaning. A solution of mild detergent and water, can be applied prior to pressure cleaning.


White Travertine Pavers

White travertine is available as a stunning and sophisticated choice for travertine tiles in your Australian home. The best part about white travertine tiles is that they can be easily produced in different types of holes fillings and surface finishing. When it comes to sturdy construction of landscaping surfaces like your patio or driveway, white travertine is one of the leading choices amongst designers.

When you look back into history, you will come across instances of white travertine being utilized significantly in ancient Roman architecture and beyond. The Roman architects made use of white travertine pavers and stones for flooring applications, tiles for wall covering, travertine paving, and much more. As such, you will find abundant use of white travertine stone for outdoor architecture and designing in ancient buildings & monuments.

White Travertine

White travertine tiles are regarded as the perfect natural stone materials for outdoor applications. The pavers are recognized for their distinct color, appearance, and variations.

To top it all, when you purchase top-quality white travertine pavers from a reliable supplier in Australia like Slate Discounts, you can get access to a wide range of finish options. Some of the common options available for finishes with white travertine tiles are polished, tumbled, brushed, and honed. The availability of thickness in white travertine tiles ranges from 12mm and 30mm.

Variations in White Travertine Tiles

With its impressive origins in Italy, white travertine pavers boast beautiful variations. Some of the common types to look out for are:

● Super White travertine: White travertine is available as a natural stone featuring majestic variations. Super White travertine tiles from a reputed supplier turns out to be one of the most luxurious and popular variations amongst other types of travertine tiles. These are usually sourced from the best quarries of Markazi. It is a small province in Iran.

When you think of installing Super White travertine for your landscape, it can help in bringing a classic touch of nature and calmness to your property.

● Standard White Travertine: Iran is the core house for a wide number of top-end white travertine quarries in the world. A majority of standard white travertine tiles are sourced from the Mahllat region. In Iran’s domestic market itself, white travertine is a highly sought-after natural stone for various purposes.

With its ever-increasing popularity in the global markets, Standard White travertine has made its way into the residential and commercial landscaping market of Australia as well. For your property, you can consider using white travertine in combination with other variants like brown travertine, titanium travertine, and dark silver travertine.

White Travertine Stones for Impressive Landscaping in Australia

Travertine, naturally, is available as a type of limestone that is sourced out of the deposits made by mineral springs -particularly hot springs. In most cases, travertine features a concentric or fibrous appearance. While existing in other shades, white travertine is a highly sought-after color option for landscaping applications across properties in Australia.

White travertine is the result of constant precipitation of calcium carbonate -hence, the white color. Pure white and luxurious white travertine turns out to be slightly more expensive than other color variations of travertine. The presence of the special veins of the same white color throughout has made it a highly popular choice for luxury properties. Domestic demand for white travertine pavers is also quite high in Australia.

White Travertine for Flooring or Tiling
Do you wish to upgrade the existing look of your otherwise boring landscape? You can add a great deal of luxury vibe and an aesthetic touch by installing white travertine tiles for your outdoor spaces. White travertine tiles appear resilient and impressive for outdoor applications.

The best part is that when you purchase top-grade white travertine tiles from a reputed provider like Slate Discounts, you can get access to an impressive variety of sizes, colors, patterns, designs, finishes, and much more. Slate Discounts sources its products directly from the high-end quarries in different parts of the world.

Why Use White Travertine Tiles for Outdoor Applications?

● Strong & Durable: Most reputed natural stone providers offer access to white travertine pavers without making use of artificial additives. Therefore, these are available as purely ‘natural.’ The natural white travertine pavers are crack-proof while delivering improved strength, durability, and flexibility for bearing heavier loads. Whether your outdoors receive heavy vehicle or foot traffic, the pavers remain intact & beautiful for long.

● Ease of Installation: The process of installing most natural stone pavers like white travertine is a relatively simpler one. Moreover, you can start using the floor or the area right after paver installation. Moreover, it is also possible to lay down these tiles in a moderate weather condition for ensuring cost-effectiveness and time-saving.

● Ease of Maintenance: Generally, natural stone pavers only require a regular wipe with the help of soapy water. In case natural stone paving gets damaged, you can easily remove the same and replace with new ones.

Travertine outdoor paving is gaining huge impetus amongst Australian homeowners. White travertine is one of the leading travertine types that you can consider for your outdoor applications.


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