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Tundra Grey Dark Limestone Pavers- Sandblasted


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100% Limestone | Great Indoors & Outdoors  | Safe non slip surface | Cool underfoot | Matching Pool Coping

Introducing our Tundra Grey Dark Limestone Pavers – Sandblasted Finish, your ticket to a superior non-slip surface that’s ideal for all those areas where safety is a must, especially around swimming pools.

These pavers aren’t just practical; they’re perfect for transforming your outdoor spaces into a breathtaking oasis. Architects, landscapers, and Aussie homeowners alike love these pavers.

Oh, and did we mention the tumbled edges? They add a touch of that modern wabi-sabi natural aesthetic, giving your space a warm and inviting vibe that’s a world away from those sharp, straight, machine-cut edges.

The intricate textures, combining shades of blues, grey and silver, bring a level of sophistication you’ll absolutely adore. Imagine those dark bluey-grey highlights against a pristine white backdrop – it’s like a work of art beneath your feet.

But these pavers aren’t just about beauty; they’re smart too. Limestone is a versatile choice, whether you’re sprucing up your indoor floors or adding an enduring touch to your outdoor spaces. And speaking of the outdoors, they’re an absolute favorite for areas around swimming pools, patios, and gardens.

Kindly take note of our meticulous approach to design – we have intentionally refrained from the sandblasting process on the 40mm face edge, as we believe it bestows a delicate, almost ethereal beauty when gently honed. This exquisite choice is made with the view from inside the swimming pool in mind, where the play of light and water intertwines with the tactile luxury of this lightly honed finish. This design principle extends gracefully across our range, including the physical bullnose edge. Be assured, this aesthetic choice in no way compromises the tiles’ remarkable non-slip performance, maintaining the high safety standards you expect.

So, if you want a touch of class, a dash of safety, and a lot of natural charm, our Tundra Grey Dark Limestone Pavers are the way to go. Dive into the beauty! 🌿💦


610x406x12mm, 12mm French Pattern, 610x406x30mm Bullnose, 610x406x40/20mm Drop Face

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