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Stack Stone Wall Cladding

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Stack Stone Wall Cladding, Feature Walls & Stone Cladding

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STACK STONE AND STONE CLADDING are available in 3 distinct architectural styles here in Australia:

  1. Light weight stack stone cladding with a 3D geometric style: Modern twist on a natural stone look, where we have mounted natural stone onto a stack stone panel for easy installation for you DIY’s out there. With an average thickness of around 15mm these stack stone panel is by far our lightest weight stone cladding tiles. We have a great colour range from Black, Rust, yellow, white, grey and a mixture of these colours. The actual types of stone that make up these stone cladding tiles vary from slate, sandstone, quartzite, granite.
  2. Ledgestone, stack stone cladding: Drystack look, rugged look, Individual pieces of natural stone which are MUCH bigger BUT still mounted onto a cement backed stack stone panel for easy installation of your stone cladding. This is by far our most natural look whilst maintaining ease of installation of the natural stone panels. This material once installed gives a authentic dry stack stone wall impression.
  3. Loose Random Stone Wall Cladding: Natural Free Flowing Format stone cladding for walls. A bit slower to install BUT what a look. To portray a boulder look simply rake the joints out. This will make the stone look like boulders have been layed, as the exposed face projected out more. Whilst this is easy to lay it is probably the slowest stone wall cladding material to lay.


Each style of Stack Stone and Stacked Stone offers a distinct look to individualize your project. Outdoor Tiles Melbourne’ strict selection criteria guarantees you a superior quality stone wall cladding at an affordable price.

We source our natural stone wall cladding from world-renowned suppliers all over the globe, ensuring that we have the widest range on display and in stock.

Our showroom and warehouses are staffed by qualified stonemasons and sales staff to ensure you get the perfect natural stone wall cladding for your project with the correct installation advice for those DIY clients. Stack stone, stack stone cladding and stacked stone are in reality all stone cladding tiles or panels that are made for easy DIY installation.

We also ship our stacked stone on a regular basis into Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and all towns in between. We can organise freight door to door or to a depot.


Whether you use a penetrating or surface sealer to achieve the final result, it must be sealed and resealed every 12 months. Also natural stone can naturally discolour overtime due to mineralisation or oxidation which is a natural effect that will occur. Prior to the installation of your stack stone, always ensure that batches (crates) of stack stone are shuffled to ensure even colour distribution over the entire job. It indicates to open every box of stack stone prior to start the installation in order to ensure achieving an even colour distribution during the commencement of installation. When installing stack stone cladding on walls you should mechanically fix the stack stone cladding every 2 metres vertically.

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Stack Stone

Stack Stone Wall Cladding


Stacked stone is getting the most popular and homeowners’ ideal solution to a dull and outdated façade.

Contractors often recommend stack stone for wall cladding. It adds a touch of elegance to a plain wall.

Natural stone tends to last longer than the man-made cladding materials. They can resist weather, moisture, and other such environmental elements.

Stack stock is one such natural stone. Available in different styles and colors, stack stone can add drama to your interiors. Stacked stone is installed on the wall like tiles.


Water feature cladding stone melbourne ledgestone stone wall cladding tiles natural stone tiles

Stonewall cladding as outdoor water feature Image”


These stones are mainly available in three types i.e. 3-D geometric lightweight stackstoneledgestone, and loose stones. The total installation cost of the stackstone cladding depends on the material and type of stone you choose.

Overall, it can cost you $3 to $10 for corners and about $30 to $120 per square meter for flats [prices may vary with the sizes]. Though each material comes with some unique features and an exciting look, experts highly recommend ledge stone.

It looks timeless and stunning on the interior and exterior walls. The trends in this industry keep changing. Nowadays, people choose a dry, rough, and rugged stack stone for their walls.

They need a stone that gives a sleek and contemporary finish. This natural stone makes a perfect option for indoors and outdoors installation. Stacked stones are mostly installed in the outdoor wall features, and the wall around the fireplace.


Installing the Stacked Stone


Additionally, the stacked stone is the contractors’ and homeowners’ number one choice for all types of landscape applications. The installation process is quite simple.

Just like other natural stones, you are supposed to lay out the stacked stone on the ground to arrange them according to their shapes and colors.


Earth ledgestone brown stone wall tiles pavers melbourne feature wall natural wall cladding tiles

Stone Wall Cladding as around Fireplace Image”


For installation, you will need a strong adhesive that could stick the stacked stone firmly to the wall. You will have to create a strong foundation and stick these stones to the substrate.

The adhesive needs to be applied to the substrate and the stone. Additionally, make sure the wall is clean and free from dirt, dust, and debris.

Once you have placed all the slabs to the wall, leave it to dry for the next 24 hours.

It is important for homeowners to consider sealing the wall. A strong sealant must be used to seal the wall.


Which Stacked Stone is the Best?


Since it is a natural stone, stacked stone is available in a wide range of colors. The color, type, material, and design you choose can determine the final look of your wall.

The stone comes in warm and neutral tones. Coming to the finish, you will find polished and natural stacked stones on the market.

For a polished look, materials like granite and quartzite will be your ideal pick. If you would like to keep the wall simple and natural, then we recommend you go for the natural stacked stone that offers a smooth and clean finish.

The cost of the entire project depends on a few things i.e. the type of stacked stones you choose, the contractors you hire for the project, the total area you would like to tile.


Ledgestone black stone pavers feature wall cladding fireplace melbourne stackstone

Stackstone Wall cladding Image”


Now, you could opt for a DIY installation or hire a professional contractor for the job.

Though you might not get the best results, know that it is possible to install the stacked stones on your own. You only need adhesive, sealant, and some measurement tools.

The more you will change the natural stone, the higher the price of the project will be. For instance, polished stack stone is pricier than the natural stone.

Since you are installing these slabs on the wall, the stacked stones are less likely to suffer premature wear and tear. If installed on the interior walls, stack stone will not be exposed to the weather elements; neither do they receive foot traffic.

So, durability is not going to be a concern with stacked stone wall cladding.


Cleaning and Maintenance of Stacked Stones


Regular cleaning and maintenance are needed. The ledgestone accumulate the same amount of dust as your windowsill.

So, using a clean cloth to wipe away the dust will suffice. Some stones, however, need a thorough cleaning.

You might have to use a stone cleaner, mainly if the stones are installed around the fireplace and in the kitchen. You could purchase a typical stone cleaner (pH level should not exceed 8). Spray the cleaner on the wall, wipe it, and that’s it.

Additionally, you need to seal the wall with a high-quality and strong sealant.

This will ensure that the stones do not pick dirt and filth. Natural stones can get stained. They also suffer natural wear and tear.

In order to extend their lifespan and enhance their appearance, you need to invest in a sealant. You could apply the sealant in 2-3 days post the wall cladding.


Stackstone wall cladding sandstone mesh wall cladding yellow beige cream cladding

Stackstone Wall Cladding Image”


Again, you can hire a professional contractor for wall sealing or follow the DIY steps to do it on your own.

You will need to seal the wall annually or twice every year. A high-quality sealant will keep your wall from getting stained.

No matter where you install them, stacked stones have the potential to add warmth to any space. Choose the best stacked stone for your home.



Cleaning and installation of the stack stone wall cladding is easy. But, if you looking for expert advice on your stack stone or loose stone wall cladding installation, feel free to contact stone pavers Australia.

Our expert stone masons can help you a few important tips and if needed can assist you installation for cheaper cost,

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