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What is Stack-stone?

What is Stackstone?


Stackstone also goes by the name as Stacked Stone OR Stacker Stone. Additionally, people also spell it in many ways such as Stackstone, Stack-stone, Stacked-stone and more.

It is an old-age construction & building design that has been in use for various construction projects for centuries.

Stacked stones can imply one of the effective ways of ensuring maximum beauty to the home construction with the help of natural stones.

In the modern era, there is a great trend to include interesting textures to the vertical surfaces. An appealing way to achieve the same is through the utilisation of stacked stones.

Smokey quartz Stackstone wall cladding tiles

Installation Image of Smokey Quartz Stackstone Wall Cladding

Stacked stone or Stackstone can be perceived as a 3-dimensional veneer that is made out of cut pieces of multiple natural stones.

These veneers are then attached to some backing and installed in the form of proper wall tiling. The material is known to make use of no grout. As a matter of fact, the overall dry-stacked appeal of the material is the major attraction of this type of wall design.


History of StackStone


The concept of stackstone or stacked stone began quite way back in the history of the construction and designing of homes and other architectural buildings.

For instance, Romans made use of the concept of stacked stone for designing stacked stone walls across Europe. They did this to mark the respective territories. Some of these structures are found even until today.

Even in New England, you can easily come across such beautiful walls from the time of early settlers that might be covered with moss and blending into bushes and trees.

In the past days, people made use of all the natural stones that they had. Then, they would employ the respective methods of hand-cutting and laying stones in the form of vertical stacks.

The typical traditional construction of stacked stones did not even make use of concrete for binding. Stones were laid on top of one another very carefully such that the overall weight of the stones, along with their positioning on the given wall, was capable of holding them together.

The process turned out highly labor-intensive –even until the modern era. Even with the installation of precut slabs of stones, it would involve the help of professional masons for delivering top-quality finish and the best results.

Over the passage of time, people all across the world have loved the concept of stacked stones.

Grampians loose wall cladding feature wall tiles fireplace wall natural stone cladding tiles

Installation Image of Grampians Ledgestone Water Feature Wall Cladding

Therefore, they have incorporated the same in the construction of fireplaces, cladding homes, construction of columns, and other appealing design details.


Where to Use Stacked Stones?


Given its natural appeal, stacked stones with the help of leading natural stones can be easily utilised in a myriad of construction applications.

The design concept is regarded as appropriate for all design styles as stacked stones can be utilised for both interiors as well as exterior projects.

For the interiors, stacked stones are regarded as the perfect option for some indoor feature wall –like the one around the fireplace, in the foyer or the bathroom area, or even in the form of a backsplash in the kitchen area.

Stacked stones can also be used for highlighting the overall décor of the exterior area of your home.

For instance, you can consider installing the same on columns or around the front door area of the house.

In most cases, stacked stones for the exteriors are paired with proper siding and are applied to the bottom half portion of the front-side exterior surface. Moreover, these can also be utilised in a wide range of landscaping applications.

Brazil stackstone wall cladding

Installation Image of Exterior Ebony Ledgestone Wall Cladding

Stacked stone appears seamless and enhances the décor of the existing space naturally.

The veneer gets adhered to the substrate directly. If it is quite thin, then it is perfect to work for any interior as well as exterior application.


How to Choose the Stone?


As the stacked stone is made out of natural stones, you can experience beautiful variations in the overall color as well as pattern in the final design. This can help in dictating the overall appeal of your design project.

For the stacked stone installation, the selection of the right natural stones should be made meticulously.

Moreover, you should do the same beforehand as you are capable of altering the wood color, stucco color, and paint color accordingly.

The experts who design leading homes and projects in Australia recommend that you should go for the selection of natural stones as the first step. Then, you should continue with building the palette and the overall design around the same.

White stackstone wall tiles living room wall tiles natural stone tiles white tiles

Installation Image of Travertine Stackstone Wall Cladding

Stacked stones are known to be available in either polished or natural finish. It would ultimately depend on the specific type of material that you would choose for the project.

If you wish to achieve the classic polished look, then you can for the option of harder materials like granite, quartzite, and others.

On the other hand, for a natural finish, natural stone options like travertine, sandstone, and others are quite common.

The overall price of the design project involving stacked stones might vary. The more you would go for the alteration of the natural stones from its original state, the higher will be the cost.

Make the most of the designer stacked stone design concept for your home!




Stackstone is an extremely popular style for decorating your wall for a water feature, TV cabinet Wall decoration, Fireplace cladding, Pool surrounding sitting areas, patio wall decoration, outdoor kitchen wall cladding and similar other indoor &outdoor wall decorations and more.

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