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Marrakesh Limestone Pavers


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100% Limestone | Great Indoors & Outdoors  | Safe non slip surface | Cool underfoot | Matching Pool Coping | ORDER NOW as 1st Shipment Fully Sold Out

Behold the Marrakesh Limestone Pavers: Your Exquisite Safari to the African Continent

Venture into the enchanting realm of Marrakesh Limestone Pavers, brought to you from the captivating landscapes of the African continent. These pavers are your golden ticket to a world of elegance, where safety takes center stage. They are more than just practical; they are your key to transforming mundane outdoor spaces into breathtaking oases that will leave you spellbound.

A Love Affair with Safety and Aesthetics:

Architects, landscapers, and homeowners across Australia have fallen head over heels for these pavers. The reason? They are your ultimate solution for areas where safety is non-negotiable, especially around swimming pools. But that’s not all. These pavers bring a sophisticated touch to your surroundings that you’ll absolutely adore. Their intricate textures weave together shades of beige and light cream, with enchanting brown wave-like intrusions that resemble the very pulse of nature.

Beauty with Brains: Limestone’s Versatility:

Marrakesh Limestone Pavers are not just about sheer beauty; they have a sharp intellect too. Limestone is a versatile gem that seamlessly transitions from indoor elegance to the great outdoors. It’s the go-to choice for those seeking enduring charm and functionality. Speaking of the outdoors, these pavers are cherished companions for areas around swimming pools, patios, and lush gardens. YES we have matching drop face pool coping tiles as well as traditional bullnosed pool coping tiles

A Touch of Class, a Dash of Safety, and a Whole Lot of Natural Charm:

If you desire a touch of class, a dash of safety, and an abundance of natural charm, the Marrakesh Limestone Pavers are your ultimate choice. Dive into the lush beauty of nature, where every step is a testament to sophistication, and every moment is a celebration of safety. Let these pavers be your gateway to an outdoor haven that’s as secure as it is stunning. 🌿💦


800x400x20mm, 500x500x20mm

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