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What is Pool Coping?

What is Pool Coping?


Are you installing an inground pool at your home? While installing the same, there are several factors that you need to consider to obtain the best results.

Travertine pool tiles and travertine pool coping tiles pavers

“Installation Image of Travertine Pool Coping Tiles

One of the key factors that you need to choose while installing the inground pool at your premises is pool coping.

In case you are not aware of the same, we will help you unravel the same in this post.


An Insight into Pool Coping


In the field of architecture, “coping” is referred to as the process of covering or capping the top of a wall area for preventing significant water damage and making the same appear attractive as well.

In a similar manner, pool coping is referred to as the decorative edge around the inground swimming pool area. This edge is known to cover the underground wall of the inground pool.

When an individual would sit at the edge of the pool by dangling his or her feet into the pool’s water, the person is actually sitting on the coping.

White pool coping tiles drop face pool coping pavers

“Installation Image of Shell White Pool Coping Tile

The process of pool coping is known to protect the upper edge of the wall area of the pool while doing a myriad of other jobs at the same time.

It is also needed for the overall protection and safety of the pool while making the pool area attractive and inviting for the swimmers.


Types of Pool Coping


Some of the most common pool coping styles out there are:


1. Bullnose Pool Coping


You could go for either “full bullnose” or “half bullnose” coping style. It is the style featuring rounded edges at the lip of the pool.

The full bullnose style features a full range of C-curve (180 degrees) at the water’s edge and creates the shape of a lip.

On the other hand, a half bullnose style remains rounded only at the edge and leaves the bottom end to flush with the walls of the pool.

There are flat and raise bullnose coping styles as well. Flat bullnose style remains flat on an edge-to-edge basis.

Whereas, the raised bullnose style is slightly raised at the edge of the water for providing another lip and directing the flow of water.

Antique travertine pavers bullnose pool coping

“Image of Bullnose Pool Coping Tile”


2. Tumbled Pool Coping


This style of pool coping is known to feature an uneven edge intentionally. This profile helps in providing a rustic look to the rim of the pool.

Silver Oyster Travertine pavers Pool Coping Tumbled paving silver pavers

“Image of Tumbled Pool Coping Tile”


3. Drop Face Pool Coping


In this style of pool coping, the tile features a lip fitting over the edge of the swimming pool.

This helps in hiding the rim and making the surface of the pool’s water appear as flushed.

Raven grey granite drop face pool coping tiles and pavers black pool coping tiles dark pool coping tile

“Image of Drop Face Pool Coping Tile”


4. Square Edge Pool Coping


This type of pool coping style helps in creating a clean look.

This is because the edges of the natural stone pavers that you have selected are square-shaped and even.

It is a highly popular choice of pool coping amongst homeowners who are looking forward to installing something aesthetic & contemporary at the same time.

Bluestone pool coping tiles arris edge blue tiles black pavers black pool coping tiles

“Image of Square Edge Pool Coping Tile”


The Requirement of Pool Coping


Pool coping is necessarily used to protect the wall of an inground pool. For this purpose, a top-grade natural stone paving or coping material is used to ensure maximum protection and durability at the same time.

Some of the common options for pool coping materials are natural stones like bluestone pavers, travertine pavers, sandstone pavers, and so more.

In addition to protecting the wall of the inground pool, the presence of pool coping also helps in directing water splashes into proper drain pipes instead of around the pool.

Some of the important reasons for the installation of pool coping are:


#Aesthetic Reasons


  • It helps in improving the overall pool appearance. Pool coping is known to be carried out with the help of a wide range of coping materials, including natural stones that appear immensely aesthetic. When you go for the option of choosing natural stone tiles or materials for pool coping, you can get access to a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns.

White pool coping pavers drop face pool coping tiles

“Installation Image of Capri White Pool Coping


  • It helps in improving the usability factor of the pool. Most people observe that the pool coping area is known to get more attention in comparison to the main pool area. People like sitting on the coping area while spending hours hanging off their bodies into the pool from the same. As it remains as the entry and exit point of the pool, it is important to make use of top-grade materials for pool coping.


#Functionality Reasons


  • Pool coping helps in protecting the wall and shell of the pool. This is done by preventing water from seeping in the pool shell.
  • Helps in directing the water flow in & out of the pool. Coping allows splashed water to flow away from the main pool area towards the deck drains.
  • Improves the overall safety. With coping, the edges of the pool become less slippery. Therefore, it becomes immensely simpler to enter and exit the pool.
  • Helps in reducing the accumulation of dirt & debris. Coping helps in reducing the chances of leaves, dirt, and other debris to get into the pool.




When you wish to make the most out of the inground pool at your home, installing pool coping is essential.

Make use of top-grade coping materials like natural outdoor pavers or tiles for the best outcomes.

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