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Granite Cobblestones

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Granite Cobblestones

Crazy paving is a natural stone that has been used in both commercial and residential builds.  As the name suggests, flagstone pavers is also known as crazy paving. These flagstone pavers are irregular stones (of all shapes & sizes) which can be used to cover walls, driveways and patio pavers. Flagstone pavers has always been popular and is one of the most long-lasting natural stones, the durability of such pavers can beat any harsh weather conditions. Crazy Pavers are quite affordable and generally cost approximately $45 per square meter.

Applications of Granite Cobble Stones

Initially, only round stones had been used to make roads so that the horses could get a good grip. After a while other shapes, specifically rectangular stones, were used, which replaced the round ones in a gradual manner. A major factor of these stones is its durability. The fact that it has tremendous strength helps it stand out among the other products in the market.

They are slip-resistant, which makes it way more useful than the other stones that are available today. These stones never fail to provide strong borders that are thick enough to make sure mowing your lawn becomes risk-free. These stones are also good for high traffic areas and walkways due to their ability to provide textured finish and strong borders.

Dove white granite cobblestone pavers

Installation Image of Dove White Granite Cobblestones

Dove white granite cobblestone pavers

Installation Image of Raven Exfoliated Granite Cobblestones

These stones can make your outdoor space a classic one with its unmatchable textures and durability. Even various unique water features can be created with granite cobblestones. It connects water with nature in a natural way, which makes gardening the related activities way easier for you to handle on a regular basis.

A classy look and clean appearance throughout the exterior property

Apart from that, it never fails to give you a classic look with a maintained and clean appearance no matter what the size of your property is. Granite cobblestones keep grass away, which eventually ends up giving you a crisp lawn for driveways and walkways. There are various colours that are available in the market of these stones. However, the colour range depends entirely on your location. The available primary colours are grey, white, black, and yellow.

Midnight black natural split cobblestones

Installation Image of Midnight Exfoliated Granite Cobblestones

Accentuating the exterior look of your home, the granite cobble stones are here to offer the much needed remarkable touch to your home. Offering the perfect finish, the granite cobble stones are a texture of the finest kind.

Granite cobblestone is undoubtedly one of the best natural stones available out there, which not only gives you a classic and historical vibe but also ensures that it stays strong enough to protect it in every possible way. Therefore, there should be no second thought before picking it up as your next property material! Do not forget to check out reliable suppliers offering granite cobble stones in an affordable price in Australia.


There are many stones and slabs which can be used for coping as pool tiles, but granite is chosen mostly because of its variation and different characteristics. [Read more about What is Granite? ]

That is why it is one of the most popular natural outdoor tile choices of Australian Homeowners. [Read Granite Frequently Asked Question to learn more. ]

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