Limestone Product 1

Blue Limestone. A very hard/dense paver with a low porosity. 800x800mm down to 400x400mm available.

Limestone Product 2

Natural Dura Yellow Limstone Paver. Antiqued or Honed surface available. Not stocked but on display and can be ordered in

Limestone Product 3

Sea Green Limestone Pavers. Stocked in 300×300 but any size up to 800×800 is available

Limestone Product 4

Yellow Limestone Pavers 400×400 and 500×500 common sizes with up to 800x800mm available.

Limestone Product 5

Graphite Grey Limestone 800×800, 800×400, 400×400 and 600×300 all stocked

Limestone Product 6

Black Ebony Limestone. Numerous sizes available

Limestone Product 7

Forrest Green Limestone Tiles. Stocked in 300×300. Sizes up to 800×800 available by request

Limestone Product 8

Lime Yellow Limestone Pavers Stocked in 400×400 and 500x500mm, other sizes available by reques

Limestone Product 9

Leaf Green Limestone Pavers Stocked in 300×200 and 300x300mm but any size up to 800x800mm available by request.

Limestone Product 10

Lime Green Limestone Pavers. Available in 400×400, 500x500mm or other sizes by request

Limestone Product 11

Palimino White Limestone Finishes available; Sawn,Honed and Sandblasted

Limestone Product 12

New: Limestone natural walling stone. Loose Stackstone Cladding

Limestone Product 13

White Wood Grain Limestone Non-slip internal or external paver / tile.