Bluestone Pavers 8

from $37.00 / m2 inc GST

INSIST on the best quality bluestone pavers currently for sale here in Australia. GENUINE HARKAWAY BLUESTONE! SALE NOW ON Up to 50 % off! Price $37m2 inc GST (whilst stocks last). Many sizes available.

Bluestone Drop Face Pool Coping 18

from $26.00 / m2 inc GST

Genuine Harkaway Bluestone rebated square edge coping tiles and step treads. Many sizes available. Price $26ea pc upwards.

French Pattern Harkaway Bluestone 25

from $45.00 / m2 inc GST

Harkaway Bluestone French Pattern Paving. Available in 10mm and 20mm thicknesses. Suitable for indoors and outdoor areas

Bluestone Garden Stepping Stones 17

from $22.00 / m2 inc GST

Natural edged BASALT garden stepping stones. Diameter from 400mm – 1100mm x 20mm and 30mm thickness. Price $22ea pc upwards.

Bluestone Flamed Stepping Stones

from $35.00 / m2 inc GST

Harkaway Bluestone Flamed Stepping Stones. Flamed surface produces a non-slip finish

Bluestone Bullnosed Step Treads 16

from $39.00 / m2 inc GST

Genuine Harkaway Bluestone rebated bullnosed pool coping tiles and step treads. Many sizes available. Price $39ea pc upwards.

Bluestone Pavers 7

from $35.00 / m2 inc GST

China Blue, bluestone pavers and bluestone tiles. SALE NOW ON. Up to 50% off!! Price $35m2 inc GST (whilst stocks last). Many sizes available.

Bluestone Crazy Paving 1

from $59.00 / m2 inc GST

Large Bluestone Flagstone crazy paving surrounded by small pieces to create a flowing visual effect. Price $59m2 inc GST.

Bluestone Pool Coping Corner 19

from $120.00 / m2 inc GST

HARKAWAY rebated pool coping tile “one piece” corners 40mm – 100mm drop down face 20mm or 30mm thick at back to match up with your bluestone pool pavers

Flamed Basalt Pavers and Tiles 2

FLAMED Basalt Pavers and Flamed Basalt Tiles. For those looking for something different.

Dark Blue Stone Pavers & Tiles Non Slip Surface "New Product"

from $49.00 / m2 inc GST

New Dark Bluestone. Special Order product only

Bluestone indoor Floor Tiles 3

Polished Harkaway Bluestone indoor floor Tiles. Internal use recommended as could become slippery if used externally.

Bluestone Pavers 4

Please enlarge to show the different finishes available with our Bluestone tiles and Bluestone pavers.

Blue Stone Pavers 5

from $49.00 / m2 inc GST

Indian Blue River blue stone pavers. These blue stone pavers can be used internally or externally. Available in many tile sizes. Price $49m2 inc GST upwards.

Bluestone Crazy Paving 6

from $33 / m2 inc GST

Australian bluestone crazy paving. Sawn bluestone offcut material available in 20mm, 30mm, 40mm calibrated thicknesses. This crazy paving will contain straight edges. Price $33m2 inc GST.

Bluestone Cobble Stone Pavers 9

from $79.00 / m2 inc GST

Blue Stone Cobblestones 90mm x 90mm x 25mm thick cobblestones on mesh for easy installation (sheet size 500×500).

Bluestone Flagstones Pavers 10

from $22.00 / m2 inc GST

LARGE slabs of Bluestone pavers. Sizes vary from 400mm up to 1100 diameters in 20mm or 30mm thickness. These make great garden stepping stones! Price $22pc upwards.

Bluestone Pavers 11

from $62.00 / m2 inc GST

Genuine Harkaway Bluestone ashlar pattern or french pattern. EASY to install with our new LASER GROOVED geometric faced design on the tiles surface. Yes these are actually 600×300 OR 800×400 Bluestone Tiles 10mm or 20mm

Bluestone Wall Cladding Stone 15

from $130.00 / m2 inc GST

Individual Pieces of Genuine Bluestone, random lengths and widths. All 20-25mm thick. SALE NOW ON. Price $130m2 inc GST. One piece external corners also available.

Honed Bluestone Floor Tiles 20

from $78.00 / m2 inc GST

Fine honed Light Bluestone floor tiles. Stocked Size: 600mm x 300mm x 10mm. Other sizes available by request. Price $78m2 inc GST. These honed bluestone tiles contain NO catspaw holing. Internal use only.

Curved Pool Coping 21

Bluestone curved rebated pool coping tiles. Custom made pool coping tiles available by special order.

Stone Cladding Bluestone 23

from $89.00 / m2 inc GST

Bluestone Ledgestone Cladding. Stone Wall Cladding, Bluestone Wall. Available in 600x200x25-35mm

Bluestone Product 24

from $59.00 / m2 inc GST

Bluestone Flagstone Crazy Paving with all natural edges. This is not inferior offcut material. Now available in 20mm or 30mm thick. Surface is sawn and very lightly honed. Sizes vary from diameters of 400mm – 800mm.

Bluestone Pitchers 22

Harkaway Bluestone Pitchers or blocks. Great for building free standing walls for houses or retaining walls.